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  1. Amen brotha, the rest is dope too though
  2. Mfskiptus


    I tend to listen to alot of different genres. Though lately the major genras I've heard is Metal,Hardstyle, Psytrance and Hardbass. I do listen to most metal, which also the genre where i like most artist. I'm a huge Rammstein fan, and has been for about 17 years (when Reise Reise was released in 2004) I do also enjoy alot of other metal bands such as sabaton, nightwish, beast in black, battle beast and many more. On the psytrance and hardstyle scene, theres only a few artists that I know by name, but I basically just listens to various mixes and stuff
  3. Hello I'm Mfskiptus/WOMD I'm 27 years old, living in Denmark, my real name is Asbjørn (good luck pronouncing that) but you can call me skip or skippy. as you may have figured I'm not completely new to the server I joined in a fairly early state of the server (October 20) But my history with cosmos goes far beyond that, I've played all of his servers in the past, and been staff on most. The first server i joined was back in 2010 i think (might be 2011) Irl i work as an IT consultant trainee. so that do of course take some time, but I do have quite a lot of spare time, since I just live on my own. But I'm normally quite social. I Also do like talking in discord and chatting so hit me up (the timezone can be an issue in terms of talking on discord) Other interests: I listen to a lot of music, almost any type (not much into pop or classic) from Metal to Hardbass. Apart from that I do like discussing poltics, and is quite active in politics. And im trying to get into fitness(not going to great atm) ;D Hopefully we will get a chance to talk eventually
  4. good too see you on fam. its been awhile Hope you will enjoy the time here
  5. Mfskiptus


    Welcome to server, I agree on the comments about the community, it's a super nice community
  6. Mfskiptus

    Hey people

    Welcome Jamie, glad to hear you enjoy the server
  7. Mfskiptus

    Slime Slime

    Welcome to the forums
  8. I do both agree and disagree, to some extend its kinda what the aim is, in fairness i understand the frustrations (i agree with the boss points farming is insane) But theres multiple things that needs a nerf on that front(tomb raids for instance) as well it reallty depends on the targeted audience. If it becomes too grindy players like myself wont really play cause cba, to spend severeal hours just getting a 99, then I might just go back to RS But some end game content is somewhat missing, i agree. But the question is, should the current end game items be harder to get or should it be new stuff For me the entire concept of RSPS is to make a lighter version of RS with a cooler community. Some rework could be done, and yes i agree many bosses are pointless to do, due to the bosspoints/chest/box/gamble system. I always loved the slayer keys on here, they are good but yet its not extremely good items, like whats broken is people being able to get 4,5m bm without even really doing anything but once every 30 mins go throw some money in a minigame. I do support a full removal of tombs What Hiki explains would kinda be an entire new server (minding the big amount of rework) My point is mainly, if you make a server too hard you might miss out on players, I wouldn't play if it becomes too grindy cause then ill just stick with RS. There is broken elements which needs a fixing, but too radical changes would mean people probably stop playing. I've seen big servers where you were poor when you had 50b (which took time tog et if you didnt donate), which also made bandos etc pretty worthless and only custom items worth it(end gear going into prices in trillions). I've also tried servers where the grind was basically only like half as bad as OSRS, to the extend where i gave up after a few hours cause I don't have time/patience to grind for ages. Its a very vulnerable balance that all RSPS struggles to find.
  9. Thanks for making a list of benefits
  10. I would love to see curses added A message whenever staff login would be usefull to people i think Added edgeville dungeon at home so it isnt going to taverly dungeon. More to come
  11. - make people able to sue ::bank from 25$ and above donated - make a list of ranks and benefits, along with item effects - Improving donator zones, in terms of pvm and skilling eventually Adding karabwan fishing spots to donator zone Add some sort of donator only catacombs Donator taming area (for training pets with the donator zone benfits) Improving the pvm aspect of EDZ, removing rock crabs and replacing them with something like dark beasts, eventually also add skeletal mystics as a boss to fight there. Adding a manta fishing spot to EDZ. - Adding areas for higher tier donators eventually with a special donator slayer dungeon/slayer master -Unlimited prayer points to Zenyte rank - Direct portals free of charge to gwd boss rooms - Make skins in the donor shop cheaper than the actual item More will be added eventually
  12. Would it be possible to have items show on ground have diffrerent color, depending on how rare they are form that monster?
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