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  1. Great points, would be a huge QoL to see even half of what you mentioned @Hiki. So much potential for an extremely unique server!
  2. Yo so I thought up some stuff while I was just afk fishing. Would love to hear any feedback on anything Suggestions: - Aggression potions, 99 herb requirement. Ex recipe could be: searing ashes, torstol(unf), and (?) - Dragonbone necklace with the passive effect added to Vorkath drop table, or new passive that gives random 1-5 prayer points every 5-15s - 200m cape perks, not sure if there are any atm besides 5% dr [ex: def gives RoL effect, mage gives chance to save runes per cast, slayer lets you pick your task or more points per task, etc.] - Add all 200m perks to the comp cape, giving even more incentive to comp - Clean up the discord a little? Maybe put the Non-rsps channels in their own section and remove the welcome/leaving message or put it in it's own channel? Feedback: (Sorry for the wall of text incoming) 1) Remove gear and weapons from the Boss point shop [or revamp it completely], I genuinely believe it's hurting the eco more than helping. Some of the games content just isn't worth doing since you can just farm a low tier boss. *Content directly affected* ToB, Cerberus, Vorkath, Pest Control, Clue Scrolls, Wildy Bosses(Pkp tickets), Warrior's guild, Demonic gorrilas ... the list goes on. When new players are recommended to do [Starter dungeon[not even for the gear...] -> slayer [to farm keys] -> 'camp' a boss for 600 pts for scythe] then I think something needs to be looked at. 2) Too many sources for items that hurt and impact the actual progression of the game. Gear progression is virtually non existent by farming the respective content. Barrows is worthless [reward from caskets + boxes] which means the minigame is practically useless to do. Same goes for Godwar gear too cause PvP gear is better, as well as both being available from WarScape boxes at a pretty high rate. It's not just PvM stuff too, skilling is practically useless considering almost every skilling material is obtainable from a chest/box/monster drop in huge quantities as well as from shops. [I have no issue with how you can get them, but getting 175-275 noted yew logs from KBD at a 1/1 DR is a bit much] *Note* Just wanted to make clear that I really enjoy the server and the content you guys have. Just some thoughts I had regarding potential issues down the road. Seen a lot of servers fail because of economies drying up/stale content.
  3. I know most of these are probably too much to ask considering how busy ya'll have been, just spit balling ideas and things I think would be nice to see *will add more to this if I think of more* - Change the way you can claim votes and fix/remove the sites that don't work at all. The reward isn't worth the hassle honestly, even with an updated vote shop and rewards. EG: ;;reward 1 15 would give you 1 vote ticket 15 times for 15 vote points. *(RuneAD, Top100Arena, RSPS List, and Arena-Top100 don't count)* - Maybe add a bug report section to discord, so small bugs can be reported easier - Health orbs changing color when under poison/venom effects - Clue scrolls seem very unrewarding, maybe change up the potential loot to add in like xp boosts/infernal and blood potions and removing excess junk? Specifically for hard and above clues - Superior slayer monsters, maybe add a range/melee version of the imbued heart? Similar to super sets with a 5min cooldown? Or an infernal imbued heart, that boosts all combat stats? On par with super sets, so overloads and infernal potions are still relevant. - Add more bosses to the slayer task pool, like Vorkath for blue dragons or infernal hydra for hydra tasks. Slayer helm(i) could also give 5% dr on task too? - Slayer helm(i) upgrades like a Celestial Slayer helm, Infernal Slayer helm for each combat style that gives DR and extra dmg over the slayer helm(i) - In-game timers that we could toggle to see tomb raid, daily spin, cargo loot, etc. Like potion timers, or a command that could bring up all timers to see when they're done. - Fix or revamp the drop viewer. Pretty laggy UI and the hover is inaccurate. Also examining a monster and having it bring up it's drop table would be nice too - Make-X would be a huge QoL, especially for fletching. Making arrows/darts is awful, even if it's only 10 times it would be huge - Give Row(i) the ability to collect blood money from drops - If it can be done, maybe reducing the tamed monster models so they're not so massive and we don't have to keep ;;hidepets on all the time
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