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  1. Heeey hey. I'll keep it short and sweet like my girlfriend said on our first date. Name's Ivan, make it Ivaan to sound less Russian. I'm 23! Yes, talking about the age here, stay focused. I love sarcasm, tryharding to be funny and Runecrafting.. yeah, fawk no to the last one. I've decided to take control of my life and that failed quickly, so I joined WS to beat up wolves with a taming whip, because, who doesn't like that? First person to comment on this thread gets a Majestic box. Oh yeah, I'm also Iron, rip your Majestic box. I don't have a girfriend, can't believe you fell for that sh We're done here, hope to see you in-game, don't be scared to say hi, I don't bite, I just beat up with an infernal whip, bye
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