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  1. Hello I'm Mfskiptus/WOMD I'm 27 years old, living in Denmark, my real name is Asbjørn (good luck pronouncing that) but you can call me skip or skippy. as you may have figured I'm not completely new to the server I joined in a fairly early state of the server (October 20) But my history with cosmos goes far beyond that, I've played all of his servers in the past, and been staff on most. The first server i joined was back in 2010 i think (might be 2011) Irl i work as an IT consultant trainee. so that do of course take some time, but I do have quite a lot of spare time, since I just live on my own. But I'm normally quite social. I Also do like talking in discord and chatting so hit me up (the timezone can be an issue in terms of talking on discord) Other interests: I listen to a lot of music, almost any type (not much into pop or classic) from Metal to Hardbass. Apart from that I do like discussing poltics, and is quite active in politics. And im trying to get into fitness(not going to great atm) ;D Hopefully we will get a chance to talk eventually
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