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  1. Great update, Cosmos. Very very content packed
  2. Daymon

    Drop Guide

    This will be updated in the upcoming days, as it has been awhile since I've done so. I suspect this will probably take me quite awhile, fitting all the new items in since a few bosses have been added
  3. Your account has been updated
  4. I think this is a really good guide, @something us. It's really important for people to understand how to start, as seeing some of the people running around can get a little intimidating seeing some of the armor. Keep up the good work
  5. It's done Sorry it took awhile. Have been with the gf this weekend.
  6. Daymon

    Rank Requests

    To bump this thread, Don't forget to post here or make your own thread requesting in-game player status on the forums Please make sure you provide picture proof, and I'll get it taken care of as soon as possible
  7. Daymon

    Hc's Intro

    Welcome aboard Glad to have you here! Things to mention are your location, name, age. Of course, all that stuff is disclosed at your own discretion. Enjoy your stay!
  8. Great update, Cosmos Can’t wait to grind out the new equipment.
  9. I’ve talked to you many a time, especially since you’re going for comp and completely maxing. You have my +1
  10. Daymon


    Hey everyone! Just wanted to drop the topic here to get to know some of you a little better. As music is a pretty heavy part of my life. As for me, I still really enjoy my heavy metal from around the Twenty-Teens, like Woe, Is Me. Escape the Fate. Chelsea Grin. Bring Me The Horizon. Etc etc. I also really enjoy modern rap, artists like NF(probably my favorite hands down) and Witt Lowry(Easily my second favorite) and pretty much anything that sounds good in my car LOL. Tell me what you like! I am very curious, and love listening to new music. And I love giving a lot of things a try.
  11. Definitely love the updates coming out, and can't wait for even bigger ones Great job, Cosmos!
  12. Very very good update! Can't wait to get on and grind some bosses!
  13. Almost time to start working on it I've been busy today, but hopefully that'll change soon.
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