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  1. Before you read, ive wrote this with my experience and future hope of the game, this is all based on MY OWN OPINION so obviously it might look negative or bad in others eye if it does you can just ignore most what im about to write but in my eyes these are all important things. I really liked the server and i hope i WILL but atm i kinda quit because of all the chaos unbalances in the game, so the response to this topic: Well yeah eco is just completely ruined. Most drops rates are unbalanced, There are some gears which takes days if not weeks grind to get. This apply even for beginner, mid tier gears while you can just farm 800 moles and get sycthe or rapier. Also the fact that you can just iterally spend a few bucks and get the most broken gears in the game kinda killing pvming and even the eco too. There are many abadoned or useless minigames just for example im pretty sure most of the new players or even players who have been playing for a while never even heard about the murder job minigame or i dont even think anyone ever been at shayzien minigame (maybe for achievement) or anyone ever completing the gauntlet minigame (its uncompletable) Bosses are also unbalanced you can just solo a group event boss by eating swordfish but you die from a corp in 2 hits if ure unlucky (or die from 1 shoot at volrath by not seeing the meteor...). but you can also safe spot some bosses just fine. There is NO END GAME in this game at the moment and thats a fact, and its need to be changed in my opinion. You can do achievements but u get stuck at one point because some of them are bugged = cant get comp cape. You can start grinding end game gear or just buy them in 1 sec from the donator store. You can start skilling well a few lamps + xp scrolls from daily and ure already max in less than a day. You can get money but most player sell stuff way overpriced because theres no priceguide for anything so its kinda useless to spend it. In my opinion the best choice would be a server reset, yes again and by applying the some if not all the following steps: 1. Completeley rework item drop rates 2. Reworking the abadoned and useless minigames and bosses (night terror, void champion, solak, dagannoth mother, kraken, lizard shaman, cerb, zulrah, the gauntlet, barrows, warriors guild, shayzien assasult, falador siege) 3. Reworking donator store (removing end game content gears and replacing it with high tier items) it wont kill the grinding for end game but u also get good stuffs for ur money 3. Fixing all the bugs and improvig interfaces like drop viewer, control panel, info tab... 4. Reducing drop rate boosters by a large amout (so there would be no need for 1 in 1600 drop rates), (max drop rate should be like 10-20% (with best drop rate ring, cape, pet and higes don rank) (for example ring would give 3% comp cape 5%, rank 7%, pet 3%) 5. Reworking or balancing combat styles 6. Creating a well built prestiging system (Adding skilling armors, pets, skilling zones, unlocking bosses and areas, unique perks and capes) it has a lot of potential 7. Removing xp scrolls and lamps or nerfing them so prestiging wont be that easy. 8. Reworking all stores (mostly point stores) 9. Creating other money making methods (making clues better, increasing the items sell prices) 10. Reworking donator benefits 11. Reworking points systems (not getting boss points every kill but possibbly getting one like in skilling) 12. Adding daily tasks and reworking daily log in rewards (also lot of potential like in prestige) 13. Reworking achievements and diaries 14. Reworking chests (adding other pvm, bossing chests like with slayer, < also lot of potential) Im pretty sure there are a lot of other things, but thats all i could come up now was that ^ The game is still pretty good and worth playing especially with all these cool new updates but yeah ive said my reasons.
  2. Well yeah like 20% were added or fixed in the game? I still know some abuseable bugs which i even reported before the server reset and it still in the game
  3. Lmao ty cosmos dont rlly expect any bug reports or suggestions from me anymore, i mean you probably dont care about it because u didnt care about anything i say but thank you i now fully realized it
  4. Champions arena still takes 20hours to get 1 icon (i mean nonstop doing it 20hrs for just one icon) Tokhaar getting better than max cape, with this dr boosting its actually not worth getting the max cape anymore (especially for range, range max capes are way below infernal tok) Fix comp reqs before doing updates to the cape, the changes are peretty useless if u cant even get the cape Bring back safedeath you just cant solo some bosses without dying or having to tp away multiple times in 1kill (just make it that u respawn at home)
  5. Suggestions: -Add mage arena shop which include infinity armor, master wand, mage book -Reduce dragons rare drops, its unreasonably high (they are hard to kill and the main drops are range items or the best mage set which actually needed atm to balance range-melee-mage dps difference) -Change regular juticiar armor in tob to blood justiciar (since literally all tob items are in boss shop its not rlly worth doing tob) -Buff boogie bow, it has like 2/3 dps of tbow but its actually harder to get -Buff mage its just rlly bad both in weps and armors (the only good thing in mage is obliteration atm) -Reduce prices in champons arena, to complete it it takes 4min (in a very good gear), 1 run gives 1pts which means it takes 17hours just to get ONE icon (make it give randomly 2-5 points or reduce the prices) -Make granite dust useable on cballs to make granite cballs -Add extra dmg to infernal phat or boost stats like with other phats -Same with lava phat -Add curses weapon enchancement kit -Add aoe range? -Add a shop to dz or edz where u can sell stuffs for high alch value -Make it that you can offer infernal cape too to enter fight caves 2 -Buff dawnforged shield (justiciar better in everyway and it costs 200 less boss points) Bugs: -Polypore cant auto cast ancient magic (Add its own spell like with trident) -imbued mage max capes dont have stats dr boost and max cape options (not sure which one) -Not sure if on purpose or not but infernal tokhaar have a way better range bonus than any other range cape
  6. Hiki


    -Add infernal cape to offer at fight caves 2 -Buff range and mage since melee got far ahead in dmg
  7. Hiki


    -You can spawn multiple vorkaths if u spam the rocks when entering -Theres no battle arena point shop -Some vote sites doesnt work -maxhit dummies doesnt work
  8. Im at extreme donator rank (63$) and i cant use ::bank and ::edz
  9. Normal comp cape: -5 prestige from ea skills and 100m xp in taming -250 kc from ea bosses except mass bosses and wildy bosses -Completing all achievements (no diarys) -Doing inferno 10 times -50 cox and 25 tob (same as now) -Donate 500m to the well -There are a lot of reqs in achievements (barrows, pc, clues etc) so thats all Trimmed comp cape: -10 perstige in ea skills and 200m taming xp -200m in atleast 5 skills (non combat) or just 3b total xp -500 kc from ea bosses and 100 kc in mass bosses and wildy bosses -achievement diarys completed (only if they are fixed or changed) -doing 50 jad and 25 inferno -donate 2b to the well -10 day playtime Because of the high reqs trimmed comp should be the best cape in stats, dr and in perks (might add some ideas for perks if theres a chance ^these come ing)
  10. Hiki


    -A few achievements in diary are uncompletable -Vorkath dont give drops -Fire dragons dont give drops -New boss monsters dont give boss points only pvm points -After finishing RFD minigame you have to enter again for barrow gloves to appear in the chest -At trading post when u click list items for sale sometimes ur inv bug out and have to relog -When you have multiple vote points on the website and you claim it you only get 1x vote points (for example you have 2 points on web and you claim ur votes ing you get 1 vote point but also when you have 4,6,8... points and claim them you also get 1 vote point) -When you spawn void champion ur pet bug out (like when you die with pet) and have to relog -When wearing a dr boosting pet it dosnt change the numbers in npc drop table -Bp doesnt save ammo -Ladder in edge tps you to taverly dungeon (atm no way to get to edge dung as i know) -Warscape armor pieces dont give bonus xp while wearing them -Some skilling outfits dont give bonus xp -Gauntlet minigame uncompletable (it hits high and through prayer) -Polypore staff dont have its own spell and dont have any stats -spinning mboxes closes when you do or take any action and you loose it (moving, getting hit....)
  11. Hiki


    -Add a training area so ppl dont train their pet at home (its very annoying especially dragons in bank....) -Add an option if possible where you can set that you can only see your own pets / Or reduce the size of tamed pets they are huge and imo its irritating that u dont see anything in half side of the screen because of a dragon or huge pet. -Reduce the skin cost in donator store to 10-15, atm skins cost 30 don token but weapons WITH skin also cost 30 don token. -Rework achievement diaries there are a lot which are uncompletable or unreasonably hard / takes long compared to others. -Add higher tier murder jobs like bosses or something and the rewards could be blood skins for weps and armors -Rework shayzien assault -Rework comp cape requirements they are outdated and some of them cant even be completed -Change silver dust from Dusk to granite dust -Rework prestige rewards, they are very pricy compared to limited amout of prestiges and also 4 item can be optained from a boss -Change christmas present from daily rewards to mbox, lamp, 100% xp scroll or warscape mbox or to anything else
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