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  1. Sick job as always, keep them coming!
  2. Heeey hey. I'll keep it short and sweet like my girlfriend said on our first date. Name's Ivan, make it Ivaan to sound less Russian. I'm 23! Yes, talking about the age here, stay focused. I love sarcasm, tryharding to be funny and Runecrafting.. yeah, fawk no to the last one. I've decided to take control of my life and that failed quickly, so I joined WS to beat up wolves with a taming whip, because, who doesn't like that? First person to comment on this thread gets a Majestic box. Oh yeah, I'm also Iron, rip your Majestic box. I don't have a girfriend, can't believe you fell for that sh We're done here, hope to see you in-game, don't be scared to say hi, I don't bite, I just beat up with an infernal whip, bye
  3. Imperator

    its ya boy

    Ayyy welcome man Enjoy your time on WS!
  4. Some great rebalancing updates right there. Thanks for the frequent updates, love the focus on new players!
  5. Hi & welcome to my Ship Raids guide! As this minigame has got a buff recently I've decided to post this guide to help people trying it out for the first time. Ship raids are simple raids that can be done by anyone with decent combat stats and a weapon. Suggested 43 prayer at least for melee protection. Getting there - Use your spellbook Buying yourself a ship - Talk to the Fremmenik guard, go through first option fully, then second one, buy the ship for 10m gp. Starting the raid - To start the raid, talk to Fremmenik guard again and select the second option, then board the rowboat, select "Fremmenik ship" Raid Objectives - You will need 15 kills to get the reward in 10 minutes, or 20 kills to finish the minigame early, there are four chests, two on each side of the ship. Click on them once each until a monster appears, then kill it, continue doing this to 15 or 20 kills as mentioned above Raid Rewards - You will receive a treasure scroll. Go to the rowboat, sail to your ship and talk to the captain, use the key he gives you on the chest More about drops: Hope this guide has helped you out & GL with the loot
  6. The fact that 90% of these updates were requested by players is insane. Finally staff that cares about what people suggest. Amazing updates, I can't wait to try the Ship minigame
  7. Very nice! Thanks for keeping it updated
  8. Imperator

    Useful Pet Guide

    Great guide, thank you. I was wondering what pets have perks. This helps a lot
  9. Imperator

    Drop Guide

    Tyvm @Daymon, very helpful info for my newbie ironman
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