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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #36

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates consist of some new content & existing improvements which are as follows:

NEW Infernal Fairies have been added to ::dz and ::edz that spawn once every 2 hours (1 in each donator zone)


The first person to "Capture" the Infernal Fairy every 2 hours will receive a chance at the following:

35% chance for a WarScape Mystery Box


35% chance for a Infernal Mystery Box


20% chance for a Ultra Mystery Box


10% chance for a Majestic Mystery Box


Players can now use a Golden stone from the Ice Dragon (Boss Teleport) to imbue Wealth totems to create the NEW Wealth totem (i) which offers 50% drop bonus:


Zalcano (Group Boss) now drops the NEW Master Totem:


The Master Totem has the effects of the Wealth totem (i), Damage totem (i) and Crystal totem all in one

Players can now use a Ganodermic enhancement kit from Trials of Verzik Raids (Minigame) to imbue Raiden pets to create Raiden (i) which offers 150% damage boost to Melee & Magic:


More Updates:

Zaryte Enhancement Kit added to Volrath official Drop Table (already obtainable from Volrath's chest)

Zaryte enhancement kit added to Zalcano rare drops

Blood heart pet now properly boosts drop bonus by 25%

Night Terror Slayer task has been fixed

Dark Genie, Dragonkin, General Zilyana & Ancient Olm have been added to Nieve's Boss Slayer Tasks


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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Very very good update! Can't wait to get on and grind some bosses! 🙂

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love the new uses for existing content (like golden stone). Back on that Zalcano grind though 😝

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Damn only the first person can get that? Great update though! Can’t wait for more. 

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