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  1. loving this new content for skillers! Awesome way for newer players to make some money and get started
  2. Message me when you're online and i'll sort you out. It is a bug that can happen with bows & crossbows. Didn't think it would with crystal bows but I just tested and it ate mine as well.
  3. already seeing a few Gano (d) sets in game; absolutely loving it. Abomination is a lot of fun and Hespori offers a little something to our skillers as well. Really great update Cosmos
  4. In WarScape we have a skill pretige system, where skills can be reset to level 1 a total of 10 times. In recent updates some skills have been given perks for having prestiged that skill 10 times, below is a collection of these perks. If you know of aperk that isn't included on this list; please let me know and I will add it. Attack Players with p10 attack can create an orb of damage by sacrificing a damage ring, totem and icon to the eternal fire at home. HP Players with p10 HP may create an orb of experience by sacrificing majestic wings and gloves of experience to the eternal fire. Slayer Players with p10 slayer can create an orb of wealth by sacrificing a wealth ring, icon and totem to the eternal fire. Prayer Players with 10th Prestige in Prayer now have infinite Prayer that does not drain. Woodcutting Players with 10th Prestige in Woodcutting now have a 33% chance to receive an additional Majestic sweet when chopping Majestic trees. Players with 10th Prestige in Woodcutting and an imbued Hespori pet may chop the Nature Tree @ Home skilling area for nature sweets. Mining Players with 10th Prestige in Mining now have a 1 in 100 chance each pickaxe swing when mining Blood money to receive an additional 100 Blood money. Players can also mine the gold coin pile in the resource area west of home. Thieving Players with p10 thieving can loot the bone pile in the Ice Dragon’s lair (60% chance to loot a superior dragon bones & 40% chance to loot an ice dragon bone (stackable). Crafting Players with p10 crafting can combine an Orb of Damage, Orb of Wealth and an Orb of Experience to create the Orb of Mastery. Players with p10 crafting can create an orb of destruction. by using an Orb of Damage on a Destruction Enhancement Kit (Requires 3 Orbs of Damage).
  5. Been seeing you really help out whenever you can in these last couple of weeks. I personally think you'd make a great staff member and you have my total support
  6. Is Jessica Rabbit hiding somewhere? Lots to do with this event and need to re-visit some bosses for new loot. Love the update!
  7. loooooooooooooooooove it; i'm thinking like a 1 in 4k chance of a tame creature being shiny on spawning. After work today i'll try to come up with some colour variant ideas and post them up for opinions as well.
  8. Everyone loves new content but it's equally important to keep improving on existing content. Great job Cosmos
  9. killin it as always. New boss which promotes players working together to summon it, new afk choices for players, more hp for voteboss, you just love to see it.
  10. @Zeldris you have my sword Congrats on figuring the application out . You are calm when needed,, seem rational and consider multiple points of view. Good luck with your application!
  11. Strider


    back when I listened to music it was mostly hip hop/rap but there was some country and rock as well. Artists included: Tech N9ne, Eminem, Logic, Clyde Carson, pretty much everything on the GTA V Radio Los Santos playlist lmao, Zac Brown Band, Brantley Gilbert, Frank Foster, Billy Currington, Monster Truck, Lansdowne, Breed 77 to name a few. Been a while though.
  12. Oh man I love all of these. Another great update Cosmos!
  13. Strider

    ~ Price Guide ~

    to add to cosmetics: regular partyhats - i'd say 500-800m is fair value lava partyhats - 800m to 1.0b infernal partyhats - 1.2 - 1.5b Blood partyhat - 2.0 - 2.5b Gold partyhat - ??? rainbow/rainbow infernal - ????? No clue on H'weens
  14. I'm glad to see you're interested in joining the team and it would be great to have someone in GMT. Good luck Boovy! You have my support
  15. love the new uses for existing content (like golden stone). Back on that Zalcano grind though
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