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  1. Ski11z


    Ahhh a topic that might get me some new tunes to jam to! Well, I like rock, metal, very little country, but mostly listen to trap (edm trap) and hip hop/rap. Been jamming to a lot of Creed and Five Finger Death Punch lately. But, I do not like the more "screamo" songs of FFDP. My fav song from FFDP would have to be "Brighter Side of Grey" give it a listen you'll love it I promise. Creed I love most of his songs so cant single any of those out. As for the Trap head on over to YouTube and search "Trap Nation" and/or "Trap City" they have a bunch of songs to find, I mean they post 1-2 new songs a day. My fav "trap" artist would probably be 2scratch and Marshmello. A recent song I've heard from there is called "Dry the Roses" BAGEW Remix, if you like EDM I suggest listening to that song you'll have that on replay all day. Really only country artist I like is Luke Combs, I've seen him in concert but hardly remember it because the waters were going down smooth that night. As for hip-hop/rap id have to say MGK, NF, Kevin Gates, XXX, Juice, Joyner Lucas, Doobie, and way more to list lmao. Anyways, EVERYONE PLEASE GIVE ME NEW SONGS I LISTEN TO MUSIC 24/7!
  2. Damn only the first person can get that? Great update though! Can’t wait for more.
  3. Sad I doing even know who’s in it and I’m the leader lol
  4. Late reply but, not really it burns for the most part. But, the white highlights at the end hurt. It’s the worst part of a tattoo other than the aftercare.
  5. I have started a group ironman. We have 4 of us so far me (Not Ski11z) Strider (not strider) Reloadz (not reloadz) and Berry (not berry). We have room for 2 more players. Must be active and contribute to our fellow teammates. Let me know if youd like to join and i will interview you
  6. You got my +1, you are a good active player. Goodluck my dude.
  7. I can paste proof if needed.
  8. OOOOOF, every update gets better and better. So happy to be part of a server with a dedicated owner! Thanks fam keep up the work.
  9. My man pulling through like always! Good job.
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