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  1. Hello, I'd like to request donor rank for forums account Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello people! My name is Oliver, I'm 23 and am from Estonia (GMT+2). I'm detail geek, mostly very easy-going and confident. I've RSPS experience over 8 years and I was always trying to get back to RSPS, but never found the one... Outside of WarScape I work as brand ambassador (Moet Hennessy) and I started a car brokerage business year ago. In my freetime I daily,swing trade and invest in stocks/crypto. Before I joined this server with my friend, I searched and tried more than 20 private servers. (As I said I'm a detail geek - every small thing is important). I was first amazed how friendly this community is and the server inside is just amazing - people have dedicated alot as I can see. So this was a short brief who I am and how did I got here. I'm really thank for people who helped me and are helping other newbies in the beginning - this makes the community grow! See you ingame! Oliver
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