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  1. The HC

    Hc's Intro

    I have decided after almost 2 months away to return to the server, the progress you guys have made in updating is AMAZING. I'll look forward to seeing everyone. PS. Unban my account Hc Nomad love-HC
  2. im gunna need a new rank...lol
  3. Granite dust does not stack as it is stackable in OSRS, this isn't something major, just a small fix. Thanks!
  4. that would be awesome man, we all kinda came up with the idea, but you put most of the thought into it. i just set it on the forums
  5. I would like to have my donor rank on forums please.
  6. After a few long minutes talking with other players, we all suggest that there be "shiny" variants of tamable creatures. Obviously we would all contribute information to set the spawn rates and the rates at which they would be tamed.
  7. I support you, 10/10 great person and super helpful to newer players
  8. @Mod Cosmos could we also get bloodcoin pile and majestic trees in dz and edz sir? -thanks!
  9. The HC

    Hc's Intro

    Hi everyone, My name is HC and obviously I am a hardcore ironman. I am currently working on maxing as a pray skiller and have been apart of rsps for a long time. There is really nothing else for me to say. Bye
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