Starter Guide For New WarScapians

WarScape New Player Guide Part 1 of 2

Important NPCs & Buildings located at Home (Edgeville)

Eager to hop into WarScape but not sure what to do or where to go? This is the first in a series of guides and is focused on getting to know WarScape’s Home area.

The Church

One of the first things to do as a new player is talk to the Celestial Slave NPC in the church at home.


This NPC will give you a free pet which you can use for a temporary stat buff, or to access your bank. Simply right-click your slave and talk to it.


The church also contains an altar that you can use bones on to greatly boost the experience they give.

Please note: Warscape does not use ancient curses. Only normal prayers are available (No soulsplit/turmoil/etc).

Supply Shops

Next head on over to the Melee Combat Tutor to access WarScape basic gear & supply shop. The room attached to the shop also contains some training dummies that allow you to test out your max hit.

image.png.571796836c88a07735eed7d05ccb2fa9.png   image.png.b7def89485a89495fea791888f738ce9.png image.png.583f49c128b052ef58327bb8a3297fe4.png

Simply click on the shop tab that you’re looking for (please note that this shop is not available to ironman accounts).

The general store located in the north-west area of home. The shopkeeper on the left is for normal accounts & the shopkeeper on the right is for irons. Here you can sell mostly any item and find basic skilling supplies, including an enchanted gem for slayer (and used in creating a slayer helm).

 image.png.a34f5d39ef10826c84b5f3f1cb0e843c.png image.png.31cc5ca3c98f0c3c9436651f309be918.png

Donator Stores

Outside of the general store are the Donator Shop & Limited Time Shop NPCs. The donator store has a large variety of items for you to spend your donator tokens on & the limited time shop has rarer items that may rotate in and out (including full armor sets with damage-boosting effects).


Prestiging Skills

WarScape has a skill prestige system which, after reaching level 99, allows you to reset your progress in a skill back to level 1. You may prestige a skill a maximum of 10 times and you will earn prestige points each time you do so. The higher your prestige level, the more points you get when resetting a skill. Some skills have a perk unlocked when it is prestige 10 times, please check out our full list here: List of P10 Perks

The Prestige Master NPC is located in the building north of home bank (with an altar where you can swap spellbooks between normal, ancient and lunar magics).


Talking to this NPC will allow you to open the prestige management system or the prestige shop. At the time of writing, the most popular items in the prestige store are:

The Ring of Damage or Wealth Ring

Gloves of experience (doubles experience in all skills when worn), and

Majestic wings (+100% exp in all skills when worn)

image.png.4b3dc640c19322f5dfe9a8af459c9b68.png image.png.88f90e753b10c3793d48016a47652020.png

Hourly Loot Chest

Just outside of the prestige building is the Financial Wizard (Left). He oversees the Player-owned islands (not covered in this guide) and the Hourly Loot Chest. Once per hour players may claim a spin token from the chest and spin for a random prize (sweets, lassos, mystery boxes & even donator tokens are up for grabs).


Point Shop

Nearby is the Point Shop NPC where players can spend their Boss points, PVM points, Skilling points, Blood Money and Loyalty Points

image.png.6a7dd5682af947a004651e7f0dceb589.png image.png.fd6b51296ce2ad5b78f58f717bc065e6.png

Players can check their point totals at any time by clicking on the Quest tab & scrolling down.



Slayer Masters can be found outside the house north-east of home bank. The available slayer masters in Warscape are:

Turael (Beginner)

Mazchna (Mid-level)

Duradel (Higher level)

Nieve (Bosses)

Kristillia (Wilderness)

Bane (Requires level 99 Slayer & assigns Group Bosses & some Solo Bosses)

While on task players may receive slayer keys (T1-5) which can be used on the slayer chest for rewards (slayer tickets and infernal keys among the best of the loot currently). Slayer masters can be traded to access the slayer shop where players can spend their points. More details on what to buy when starting out will be in a follow up guide or can be found in-game by using the ::starterguide command.

 image.png.cc0fd1b17d3a6a17f44927c05e1872b7.png image.png.48540d2dc6623b0323711d953ed2232d.png

Slayer Masters also have a Rewards menu where you can buy & learn various perks (such as how to make a slayer helmet) as well as permanently block creatures from being assigned to you.

The Bank

Home Bank is the location of our vote shop and our player-owned store, the Trading Post. The Trading Post is located in the north-west corner of the building and allows players to list items for sale which other players can search and buy (search by item name, player name, or recent listings).

Please note that the Trading Post uses platinum tokens as currency for buying & selling. 1 platinum token = 1k gp.


The Vote Shop can be accessed from the red voting booth and any vote/pk tickets can be exchanged for points by speaking with the NPC beside it. Our vote shop has a wide variety of items for personal use and some items that benefit the entire community (vote boss, seren (e) and galvek (e) spawn tokens).

image.png.2c8c918bb5defcc13b8e7a8a15351167.png image.png.a94dd77c0a7999db7ee17c6735691ed7.png

Seren, Skillcapes & Sacrifical Fire

Located south-west of the main square is the Seren NPC. Players can speak to this NPC and sacrifice 100 crystal shards to awaken the Seren group boss.


Just to the East of Seren is a large sacrificial fire which players can interact with to make orbs of damage, wealth and mastery. Players can speak to the Eternal Queen to obtain a pouch for their orbs (more details coming in Part 2).


In the building by Seren players can purchase skillcapes, max capes and the Completion Cape (if you meet the requirements).  Players can check the requirements by clicking on the cape stand.


Boss Instances


In the skillcape building is a purple portal which will teleport you to 1 of 2 boss zones. Once there, you can click on the Dark Altar and pay gold to summon a variety of single-player bosses. The possible choices are:



This instanced area is shared between players, however, only you will be able to fight the boss you spawn.

WarScape New Player Guide: Part 2


Focusing on important things to know about while playing WarScape.

Prestige 10 Perks

In Part 1 of these guides I mentioned that WarScape has a skill prestige system where players can reset a skill from level 99 back down to 1, up to a maximum of 10 times per skill. Some skills offer perks for prestiging that specific skill 10 times, a full list of those perks is available here: WarScape P10 Perks

AFK Skilling

image.png.b3113340aa87b8a1114ecc1b6c46cb21.png image.png.f91d4738b5539d85e42683d62977b250.png

Ask any WarScapian what you should do when starting your adventure and I can guarantee you will be told to level your Woodcutting or Fishing skill to 99 so you can take advantage of our AFK skilling system. There are currently 3 skills which provide an opportunity for AFK income:




image.png.7bbe071687cf69278f20f58ddacee1bb.png   Mining  image.png.cceb34b15c5a384b25f2b20d47064a23.png

If mining is your preferred activity, you have 2 AFK options in WarScape:

Golden Coins – gives coin pouches (10K) when mined

Blood Coins – gives blood money when mined

Blood Coins are located just outside of the bank at home (marked off in red on the mini-map above). Players are required to have level 90 mining and a blood pickaxe, which can be purchased from the skill point shop for 4,000 skill points.

Golden coins are located in the skilling area west of home, in the yellow area on the mini-map above. In order to mine the golden coin pile, players must have hit 10th prestige in mining (any pickaxe will work).

 image.png.50819d8560e01df18d04816ceb5905cf.png     Woodcutting   image.png.f3b5af00ccd901dbd957a4a157544bec.png

Located in the Skilling Area west of home (in the green box on the mini-map above), Players with level 99 woodcutting are able to AFK chop the Majestic Tree (pictured on the left above). Doing so will provide you with majestic sweets (stackable food that heals 29hp).

Located down in the fishing area is the Nature Tree which provides you with nature sweets (heals 100% hp). Chopping the nature tree requires 10th prestige in woodcutting and having an imbued Hespori pet; details on how to imbue Hespori are below.

There is a 1 in 150,000 chance when cutting any tree to receive a nature orb. This orb can be used to imbue the following pets:

Hespori (wc boss)

Beaver (wc pet) – turns any received beavers into gold when the pet is following you

Rock golem (mining pet) – turns any received rock golems into gold when following you

image.png.2acf3927f6d51c681ad4065d4e8fea13.png  Fishing  image.png.ab45524550ffb1ae1fa0fd6396af1325.png

The AFK fishing spot is located in the skilling area west of home, south of the main building (marked in blue on the mini-map above). AFK fishing provides golden fish, a stackable food healing 29hp and which sell to the general store for 63k eachAt this time it is best to sell 17,000 fish at a time and convert the gold to platinum tokens after selling two batches – 34,000

Selling too many fish at once will cause a glitch and leave you with 0 to 100 gp.

AFK Fishing Requirements: Level 99 Fishing and any metal fishing rod available in the skill point store.


AFK Lamps

WarScape has 4 kinds of lamps that provide small rewards while you are AFK. Players may have 1 of each kind to combine the effects; multiple copies of the same lamp will not stack the effects.

image.png.3d9a9eb03e7d0be4be5190da908dd0f8.png  Golden Lamp – Provides up to 1,500,000 gold coins per hour while AFK

image.png.be1c8e72b11e26c7b43b4b188eaa9d7b.png  Blood Lamp – Provides up to 7,000 blood money per hour while AFK

image.png.bbff7d534f74ee4bde11da0d3a884b81.png  Restoration Lamp – Provides up to 25 majestic sweets per hour while AFK

image.png.cb7410569a6dcd5655093ace574addc6.png  Master Lamp – Provides the effect of the other lamps above

To maximize your gains you can have 1 restoration, blood, golden and master lamp in your inventory. The lamps start giving rewards after about an hour of being AFK and provide rewards every few minutes after that, until the player moves again.

Players who have the Dark Genie pet will receive double rewards from these lamps and, once they kick in, can continue receiving rewards even while not being AFK.

image.png.6e0eb21298f1f7d952c28ec955fbc6c0.png Bonds of Luck, Damage & Life image.png.fa1175f781b971173278019d71fa7960.pngimage.png.2936bd684a56fa846b598054681d780f.png

Bonds of Luck are a rare reward received when training certain skills in WarScape. These bonds can be used to add +1% to your personal droprate boost. The current maximum effect from bonds of luck is +50%. Full details on Bonds of luck can be found in Server Update Log #31.

Bonds of Damage will provide the player with a+5% damage boost per bond use, up to 100% damage boost (20 Bonds of damage). Bonds of Damage are currently dropped by Raiden, Lord Zamorak, Spirit of Guthix, General Zilyana, Corrupt Old Man, Dragonkin, Dusk, Giant Warmonger and ALL group bosses

Bonds of Life are items that, when used, will provide you with extra safe lives. As long as you have safe lives, you will not lose items on death. Donors receive a free Bond of Life every day, others can be obtained from the PvM Point shop, as a drop from Raiden, or through majestic mystery boxes.

There are 3 possible Bonds of Life in game:

Bond of Life – gives you one safe life when used

Bond of Life (+5) – gives you 5 safe lives when used

Bond of Life (+10) – gives you 10 safe lives when used

There is no limit to the number of safe lives you can have. Legendary Donors have unlimited safe lives.

image.png.badfbf2bfb2b170e2c7a701d922ffe78.png Crystal Keys image.png.611992704d30c847e2010d3696da46c8.png


That crystal chest sitting outside home bank is tempting, but you will want to save your crystal keys for WarScape’s Mystery Box Minigame. Players can enter the Mystery Box Realm by clicking on the majestic chest in the skilling area west of home. The chest is along the outside wall of the building, out towards the AFK fishing area. You can use the ::fishboss command to get there quickly, if it has spawned.


Players can spend noted crystal keys in bulk to fight mystery boxes & obtain mystery boxes of that type as loot. There are 5 types of mystery boxes to choose from:

WarScape Boxes (100 keys)

Blood Boxes (250 keys)

Infernal Boxes (500 keys)

Ultra Boxes (700 keys)

Majestic Boxes (2000 keys)

WarScape through Ultra Boxes can be fought in the first area by clicking on the barrier; players will be credited with 10 kills and donors will receive an extra 1-4 kills (chosen randomly each time you pay).


Majestic Boxes can be accessed by speaking to the Wandering Traveller NPC. The general consensus on the best boxes, at the time of writing this, are the Infernal boxes for 500 crystal keys “ckeys”. Infernals were recently updated to potentially give out the items needed for making Orbs of Damage (more details below).

image.png.11c315a5c7a415ab5259ac4f5230971a.png  Orbs of Effect  image.png.a166f50660bf0018b41352c9276703be.png

Back in Part 1 of this guide series we mentioned the Sacrificial Fire at home, which is used to create some Orbs of Effect. The 4 orbs created by the fire are:

Orb of Damage

Orb of Wealth

Orb of Experience

Orb of Mastery

image.png.e283318bafc0d0cb20e3425703610544.png Orbs of Damage are created by sacrificing a damage totem, damage ring, and damage icon with a requirement of 10th prestige in attack. Orbs of Damage provide +100% damage for the first orb and an additional 25% damage each additional orb (maximum 3 Orbs for 150% damage).

image.png.3bfad2c3ff4714193250bcdacb9abe4f.png Orbs of Wealth are created by sacrificing a wealth totem, wealth ring, and wealth icon with a requirement of 10th prestige in slayer. This orb will auto-collect loot (excluding ashes).

image.png.5828cf496fbbf52689c330051949b708.png Orbs of Experience are created by sacrificing gloves of experience and majestic wings with a requirement of 10th prestige in hitpoints. This orb provides an extra 100% experience while it is in your inventory.

image.png.6bdd3bd0c0331d6f45608ad1e3d47fb8.png Orbs of Mastery are created by combining the other 3 orbs above & having 10th prestige in crafting. Simply use one of an Orb of Damage, Orb of Wealth, or Orb of Experience on the others to make an orb of mastery. This orb provides the combined effects of the orbs used in creating it. It provides +100% damage for the first orb and an additional 25% damage each additional orb (maximum 3 Orbs for 150% damage)

Beyond the orbs listed above, the following orbs also provide effects:

image.png.96422f6a00b7e7e1cb31e7193bc0d4e0.png Orb of Destruction – boosts all damage by 200%. It is created with 10th prestige in crafting, a destruction enhancement kit and 3 damage orbs. Multiples of this orb DO NOT STACK. You will only have a bonus from 1.

image.png.bc5fdfe42ecafbf4d8011839c530b8b4.png Crystalized Orb – gives 1 – 3 crystal keys per boss kill when the orb is in your inventory. Can be obtained from Galvek.

image.png.bc5fdfe42ecafbf4d8011839c530b8b4.png Crystalized Orb (i) – gives 3 – 5 crystal keys per boss kill when the orb is in your inventory. Can be obtained by using 15,000 noted crystal keys on your Crystalized Orb.

image.png.07159dd00a0f93738b2e43c5e9604285.png Orb of Corruption – Boosts combat stats by 85 levels when in your inventory. Can be obtained from Galvek.

image.png.c205d205f9b9056549f676ecfba7c3c3.png Orb of Hellfire – Boosts damage by 300% while this orb is in your inventory. Can be obtained from the Enhanced Balthazar slayer boss.

image.png.2975df12570573ee4bb3d0f6c340b970.png Perfection Orb – Boosts damage by 500% while this orb is in your inventory. It can be obtained from the Perfected Balthazar slayer boss.

Drop Tables

Looking for a specific item but not sure what drops it? Or are you in the mood to grind out a boss but not sure what it drops? WarScape has a built-in function that allows you to search up drop tables by NPC or by Item. Simply click on the magnifying glass icon to access the Info Tab then click on ‘View NPC Drops”.


The interface is a bit laggy but here you can search up any monster to see what it drops, or look up an item to see what drops it.

image.png.54be919a1c66ce04631aa2cb0c46789b.png image.png.f2a23e68edcf8da32db08ec6b4019d7b.png

Nearly every monster is in there so go on and try it out!

That does it for this two-part New Player Guide. I hope you found these useful and please keep an eye out for more to come!


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