REQUIRED: 10th Prestige in Attack Skill

The easiest way without spending coins to get damage items is by saving crystal keys to kill Infernal Mystery Box’s (500 keys).

Once you have 500 Crystal keys, type ::ckey and enter the Majestic Chest


Once you enter, click the energy barrier and choose the Infernal Mystery Boxes for 500 Crystal keys.


Kill your box’s and open them!

Another way of looting damage items is by making Infernal keys and opening the Infernal chest right by home bank!


You will need these 3 items for create this orb: Damage icon, Damage ring, & Damage totem


These 3 items can be obtained from Zalcano, Penance Queen, Donator shop, buying from others, crystal keys, or the infernal chest.

Once you get these 3 items, run south-west of home until you get to the Eternal Fire. Once you are there make sure you have the 3 items in your inventory. Click the fire and choose Orb of Damage!


After that you should receive the Orb of Damage.


REQUIRED: 10th Prestige in Hitpoints Skill

For this orb you only need 2 items:

Majestic Wings & Gloves of Experience

These 2 items are easiest to get by saving prestige points and buying in the Prestige Store. (Gloves – 120 points, Wings 180 points).

You will need 3 of these orbs which means 3 of those 2 items listed above and in picture.


Once you get these items simply go to the Eternal Fire and sacrifice the items for Orb of Experience!


REQUIRED: 10th Prestige in Slayer Skill

For this orb you will need 3 items:

Wealth icon, Wealth totem, Wealth ring

(Or you can by this particular orb in the Donator Shop)

You can buy a Wealth Icon in Boss Point Store for 5,000 points or Penance Queen, a Wealth Ring in Prestige Shop for 120 points and aWealth Totem in a Ultra Mbox, or buy from players.

These 3 item’s are shown below:


Once you have the items again simply go to the Eternal Fire and create the Orb of Wealth.


REQUIRED: 10th Prestige in Crafting Skill

For this Orb you need 1 Orb of Damage, 1 Orb of Wealth, and 1 Orb of Experience.


Once you have these 3 orbs in inventory all you have to do is use a Damage orb on a Wealth orb and you will create the Orb of Mastery.


REQUIRED: 10th Prestige in Crafting Skill

To create this orb you need 3 Orbs of Damage and a Destruction Enhancement Kit.


All you have to do is use the kit on one of the orbs and you will have the Orb of Destruction.