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WarScape P10 Perks

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In WarScape we have a skill pretige system, where skills can be reset to level 1 a total of 10 times. In recent updates some skills have been given perks for having prestiged that skill 10 times, below is a collection of these perks. If you know of  aperk that isn't included on this list; please let me know and I will add it.


Players with p10 attack can create an orb of damage by sacrificing a damage ring, totem and icon to the eternal fire at home.


Players with p10 HP may create an orb of experience by sacrificing majestic wings and gloves of experience to the eternal fire.


Players with p10 slayer can create an orb of wealth by sacrificing a wealth ring, icon and totem to the eternal fire.


Players with 10th Prestige in Prayer now have infinite Prayer that does not drain.


Players with 10th Prestige in Woodcutting now have a 33% chance to receive an additional Majestic sweet when chopping Majestic trees.

Players with 10th Prestige in Woodcutting and an imbued Hespori pet may chop the Nature Tree @ Home skilling area for nature sweets.


Players with 10th Prestige in Mining now have a 1 in 100 chance each pickaxe swing when mining Blood money to receive an additional 100 Blood money. Players can also mine the gold coin pile in the resource area west of home.


Players with p10 thieving can loot the bone pile in the Ice Dragon’s lair (60% chance to loot a superior dragon bones & 40% chance to loot an ice dragon bone (stackable).


Players with p10 crafting can combine an Orb of Damage, Orb of Wealth and an Orb of Experience to create the Orb of Mastery.

Players with p10 crafting can create an orb of destruction. by using an Orb of Damage on a Destruction Enhancement Kit (Requires 3 Orbs of Damage).


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added new nature tree p10 WC perk

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