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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #40

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates consist of various quality of life improvements, as well as new Prestige Perks and more which are as follows:

Prestige Perks

Players with 10th Prestige in Mining can now mine the NEW Golden Coins pile in the Skilling Area:


This Golden Coins pile provides 18M-20M coins per hour when Mining and is 100% Afkable

Players with 10th Prestige in Thieving can now thieve from the NEW Bone Pile in the Ice Dragon's lair


This Bone Pile has a 60% chance to loot a Superior dragon bone per thieve, and a 40% chance to loot stackable Ice dragon bones

Players with 10th Prestige in Woodcutting now have a 33% chance to receive an additional Majestic sweet when chopping Majestic trees

Players with 10th Prestige in Prayer now have infinite Prayer that does not drain

Players with 10th Prestige in Mining now have a 1 in 100 chance each pickaxe swing when mining Blood money to receive an additional 100 Blood money

The Coin Pile at home in the Thieving area now offers 25K coin pouches instead of 10K coin pouches


Supreme Void Knight armour set has been buffed & now offers a 10% accuracy & damage boost


More Updates

Fortune Chests now offer the following rare rewards: Wealth totem, Golden defender, Golden wings, Golden sled, Golden spirit shield

Seren (Boss) now has 40K hitpoints instead of 20K and has 25% higher defense

Destruction totems and Rings of destruction (Seren rare drops) now offer 25% drop bonus

Night Terror & Solak (Group Bosses) now spawn every 45 seconds (was 60-70 seconds)

The Night Terror chest now provides 1-3 Crystal shards with each key used

Damage potions & Master potions added to Night Terror drops

Slayer keys (ALL tiers) are now 20% more common on Slayer tasks

Barrows (Minigame) now has a 1 in 200 chance each chest to reward a Ring enhancement kit or Fortune chest

Master gauntlets & Noxious gauntlets have had their stats fixed

Flaming gauntlets are now offer +20 higher stats than Infernal gauntlets

Infernal potions now properly give +35 to boosted stats instead of +25

Removed text-spam for Flaming armour effects


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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Everyone loves new content but it's equally important to keep improving on existing content. Great job Cosmos

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