How It Works

Greedy Goblins is a WarScape exclusive item drop consisting of 5 total Goblins which are purchasable by players

The Greedy Goblins made their way into WarScape in the form of a head-slot items that will grant players various special perks of the greedy goblin race

These perks include 50 additional Slayer Points per task, 1-2 additional Boss Point per boss kill, and a 1:20 chance to double any drop from any boss

Players will take on all of the above perks while wearing any of the 5 Greedy Goblin faces

Goblin Availability

Only 15 copies of each goblin face will be sold before 12/31/21 (presale)

On Monday, 12/27/21 the first batch of goblins will be delivered

12/31/21 only 15 more copies of each will be sold

Greedy Goblins will never be sold or obtainable again after 30 copies of each have been purchased by players

Greedy Goblin Faces are tradeable and will remain so indefinitely

Five Exclusive Goblins each with their own unique perks:

ALL Greedy Goblin Faces offer at least +50% Drop Rate Boost and +300% Damage Boost


Blood Goblin Face

 Perk: Receive 5k-15k blood money per boss kill

Hidden Passive Perk: 1:3 chance to heal to 200 hitpoints in combat

Golden Goblin Face

Perk: Receive 5m-10m coins per boss kill

Hidden Passive Perk: 1:20 chance to double rewards from various chests

Crystal Goblin Face

Perk: Receive 3-5 Crystal keys per boss kill

Hidden Passive Perk: Receive 5-10 Crystal shards from each global boss kill

Donor Goblin Face

Perk: Receive 1 Donator token every 200 boss kills guaranteed

Perfect Goblin Face

Perk: Boost all damage by 500% and drop rate by 100%

Players who obtain all five goblins will be able to combine them into a

Master Goblin Face

Perk: Provides the effects of all five goblins

(Players will have the option to ‘unfuse‘ the Master Goblin to regain their original five goblins)

Exclusive Area Unlock

Players who equip any Greedy Goblin face will be able to enter the Hidden Goblin Mine where miners are front and center ready to mine precious materials for you such as coins, blood money, crystal keys and more!

The Hidden Goblin Mine will require players to wear a Greedy Goblin face to enter, as well as to interact with the goblin miners located there

The Hidden Goblin Mine will be released no later than 1/17/2022

How To Claim

Players will be able to claim the first 15 copies of each goblin on Monday, 12/27/21

Players who purchase a goblin between 12/20/21 and 12/26/21 will receive their goblins by Tuesday, 12/28/21

On 12/31/21 an additional 15 copies of each goblin will be released and claimable the same day

Future Item Drops

Greedy Goblins is the second WarScape exclusive item drop, and the first one for 2022.

Players can expect the next item drop to be no sooner than April, and no later than June.

All items in exclusive item drops are on a first come first serve basis, and will never be available again after the fact.

All funds for each item drop will be used on toplist advertisements.