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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #15

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates include some client updates such as more new items, NPC's & more!

Simply re-run your launcher to apply all updates which are as follows:


New Boss: Dark Genie (level-696)


Drops a new series of rare lamps that offer AFK effects:


Blood lamp - Provides up to 5,000 blood money per hour while AFK (must be in inventory)

Golden lamp - Provides up to 1M coins per hour while AFK (must be in inventory)

Restoration lamp - Provides up to 20 Majestic sweets (NEW ITEM) (+29 hitpoints) per hour while AFK (must be in inventory)

Dark Genie lamp - Summons Dark Genie pet (effect not-yet decided - suggest on Discord? ❤️)


2 New Custom Sleds Added To Christmas Shop:


Golden sled & Ice sled

Both sleds were also added to Christmas Boxes in the Christmas Shop as rare rewards


The Magic Combat Tutor located at home now has her own Magery Store with NEW ITEMS sold for blood money:


Chaos scroll - Infinite supply of Chaos runes (Arrow-slot)

Death scroll - Infinite supply of Death runes (Arrow-slot)

Nature scroll - Infinite supply of Nature runes (Arrow-slot)

Blood scroll - Infinite supply of Blood runes (Arrow-slot)

Infernal elixir - 1:5 chance to burn opponent with high damage when using Magic (Shield-slot)

Blood elixir - 1:5 chance to heal for 50% of your max hit when using Magic (Shield-slot)

Infernal elixir (i) - 1:3 chance to burn opponent with high damage when using Magic (Shield-slot)


More Updates:

Combat Instructor added to home (Melee-shop building) who will set your drop-value graphics:


NEW Golden Wings added to Donator Store:


Golden wings (250k-500k additional coins per boss kill)

NEW Majestic Wings added to Limited Time Store for 14 days:


Majestic wings (+100% experience in all skills while worn)

You can now use Colored Infernal Capes on Max Capes to make them Colored Infernal Max Capes


Dusk (Grotesque Guardians Boss Teleport) now respawns every 20 seconds instead of 60

General Zilyana (Boss Teleport) had it's 2 rune armor piece drops replaced with 5-15 Superior dragon bones (noted) or 75-150 Celestial lassos

Master Wizard now drops Epic Pet Chests & Epic Orbs

Rune essence added to Iron Man Shop (requested)


- More to come!

Mod Cosmos

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