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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #44

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates consist of several quality of life improvements, new Prestige perks, and more which are as follows:

Players with 10th Prestige in Crafting can now craft the Orb of Mastery:


This requires the 3 existing orbs: Orb of Damage, Orb of Wealth & Orb of Experience


ALL Scythe of dread (imbued) variants are now 2-tick speed weapons (twice as fast as before):


The following bosses now have a hitpoints level ten-times (x10) that of their current combat level:

Master Wizard (level-438) now has 4380 hitpoints

Corrupt Old Man (level-442) now has 4420 hitpoints

Dragonkin (level-514) now has 5510 hitpoints

Dark Genie (level-636) now has 6360 hitpoints

General Zilyana (level-747) now has 7470 hitpoints

Enraged Dark Genie (level-800) now has 8000 hitpoints

Ice Dragon (level-804) now has 8040 hitpoints

Ancient Olm (level-1023) now has 10,020 hitpoints

Spirit of Guthix (level-990) now has 9900 hitpoints

Lord Zamorak (level-1060) now has 10,060 hitpoints

Raiden (level-737) now has 10,730 hitpoints as he drops BIS gear

ALL of the above bosses can now be assigned as Slayer tasks as well


More Updates:

ALL Starter gears (Starter set, Upgraded Starter set, Occult sets from Starter Dungeon, etc) have been buffed with higher Attack, Strength & Prayer bonuses

Slayer helmet (master) now doubles your chance at receiving a Slayer key tier 4

Slayer helmet (master) now offers an additional 10 Slayer Points for every Slayer Task completed

Ganodermic (e) set now offers +5% drop bonus per piece

Ganodermic (e) (i) set now offers +10% drop bonus per piece

Added Donator Token (1) to Hourly Spin rewards 

Added Vote Token (Spawns Vote Boss) to Hourly Spin rewards


The Easter Event has been extended until 4/8/2021 - Get your goodies while it lasts!


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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