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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #11

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Greetings WarScapians,

Here's a list of today's updates:


2 New High-Tier Bosses Added:

General Zilyana (level-747):


Drops the Saradomin blade variants (fastest melee weapons in-game)



Master Wizard (level-438):



Drops Ganodermic armour (master), Polypore staff (master) and the Obliteration staff (can be turned into blood or infernal version with skin/enhancement kit)



Clue Scroll Reward Additions:


All partyhat variants (including colored lava and infernal) have been added to Elite and Master clue scrolls as RARE rewards, with infernal partyhat variants being the rarest


Golden Armour Set and Wealth Icon added to Master clue scrolls as a RARE reward:



Ancient Armour Set added to Nightmare Chest Rewards:



Flaming Armour Set added to Flaming Knights Drop Table: (Chasm of Fire teleport)


Flaming Knights have also been buffed nicely to match their new end-game armour piece drops


Wilderness ring (teleport out of wilderness at any level) added to Vet'ion Boss Drop Table:



Boss Point Shop Nerf Per Request:


Removed Infernal & Blood rapiers and defenders. You must now earn the regular variants of these items and use an infernal weapon enhancement kit or blood skin to upgrade them.

Also removed Tokhaar-Kal from the Boss Point Shop as it is obtainable now through the Fight Caves II minigame.


You can also use an infernal armour enhancement kit on your Tokhaar-Kal to create the infernal variant


We hope these updates give you incentive to go bossing or complete minigames for higher-tier equipment!


Also would like to mention some end-game sets that are only obtainable in-game through game-play.

You CANNOT buy these sets in the donator equipment store:

Ancient Armour Set (i)


Grotesque Armour Set (i)


Justiciar Armour Set (i)



In The Works:

Theatre of Blood rework for next month's server event

Magic damage buffs and staff perk additions


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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