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Mod Cosmos

How To Update Client Manually

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If for whatever reason you are having trouble with your WarScape Launcher updating the client, here is a step-by-step guide to manually update your client:



If you have been able to play WarScape on a previous client version, but the launcher is now not updating the client to the latest version automatically for you, then follow these steps:

Locate your /OWNER/ folder on your computer (often times is named /YOURPCNAME/) and locate WarScape.jar 

OSzNZQLJRwqWMctuEd39bA.png --> _lnq5q4DRieqmOFECe6vyA.png

Delete WarScape.jar - then re-run your WarScapeLauncher.jar and click Launch - This will force a client update from the launcher as the previous client (WarScape.jar) now no longer exists on your computer.



If you are still unable to launch the client using the WarScape Launcher, then you can also download the latest version of the client directly:

>> WarScape Client Download <<

NOTE: The above link will always provide you with the latest version of the WarScape Client

After downloading WarScape.jar (WarScape Client) place the file in your /OWNER/ folder on your PC and re-run your launcher.

OSzNZQLJRwqWMctuEd39bA.png --> _lnq5q4DRieqmOFECe6vyA.png 

You can also skip the launcher all together and just run your WarScape.jar to run the client, but the launcher is meant to check for the latest client updates automatically each time you play without you having to download a new client version yourself



If you are able to run your WarScape Client (WarScape.jar), but the cache is not downloading correctly (stuck on unzipping) then follow these steps:

Download the WarScape cache files directly:

>> WarScape Cache (.ZIP) <<

Using WinRAR or WinZIP, extract the contents of the WarScape Cache (.zip file) into the /WarScape_Cache/ folder inside the /OWNER/ folder on your PC

5B5n4AsiQn6tKYP7bGHgSQ.png --> VkgjMS6TRPGpn9XtV_tpXw.png

After that, simply run your launcher/client and the cache should load correctly.


Feel free to PM Mod Cosmos or Mod Zonza for any other issues.

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