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Suggestions, Bugs

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-Add mage arena shop which include infinity armor, master wand, mage book

-Reduce dragons rare drops, its unreasonably high (they are hard to kill and the main drops are range items or the best mage set which actually needed atm to balance range-melee-mage dps difference)

-Change regular juticiar armor in tob to blood justiciar (since literally all tob items are in boss shop its not rlly worth doing tob)

-Buff boogie bow, it has like 2/3 dps of tbow but its actually harder to get

-Buff mage its just rlly bad both in weps and armors (the only good thing in mage is obliteration atm)

-Reduce prices in champons arena, to complete it it takes 4min (in a very good gear), 1 run gives 1pts which means it takes 17hours just to get ONE icon (make it give randomly 2-5 points or reduce the prices)

-Make granite dust useable on cballs to make granite cballs

-Add extra dmg to infernal phat or boost stats like with other phats

-Same with lava phat

-Add curses weapon enchancement kit

-Add aoe range?

-Add a shop to dz or edz where u can sell stuffs for high alch value

-Make it that you can offer infernal cape too to enter fight caves 2

-Buff dawnforged shield (justiciar better in everyway and it costs 200 less boss points)



-Polypore cant auto cast ancient magic (Add its own spell like with trident)

-imbued mage max capes dont have stats dr boost and max cape options (not sure which one)

-Not sure if on purpose or not but infernal tokhaar have a way better range bonus than any other range cape




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