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Welcome to my shop! For every 50m (rounded up to nearest 50m) you will receive 1 Goob Point worth 1m each.

Goob Points can even be used to purchase an item for free if you have enough points! 

To claim Goob Points, simply post your ign and amount spent within 30 minutes after purchase. 

My Store:

Armadyl Crossbow = 70m

Dagon' Hai top x3 = offer 

Bandos Tassets = 70m

Amulet of Fury = offer

Armadyl hilt = offer

Zamorack Godsword = 50m 

Saradomin Godsword = 50m

Torag's Platebody = 15m

Ahrim's Robeskirt = 15m 

Karil's Crossbow = 10m

Guthan's Warspear = 10m

Guthan's Helm = 15m

Dharok's Platelegs = 20m

Zamorak Coif x2 = 5m 

Saradomin Coif = 5m

Saradomin d'hide = 5m


Goob Points:

Artorias = 2 points

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