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  1. This hns giveaway started yesterday, but throughout the week I will be giving away Ultra Mystery Boxes, Warscape Boxes, and Mystery Boxes. Good luck everyone!
  2. Hello everyone! I will be giving away Event Mystery Boxes and WarScape Mystery Boxes along with a few random items to the first person that trades me during a hide n seek event throughout the week. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! P.S. Thank Mod Cosmos and Mfskiptus for contributing to the giveaway!
  3. Roughly once per day during this week I will be giving away 5 donor tokens per day to the first to find and trade me during the event. I will be giving out hints until someone finds me, so let's hope you can! To participate simply be online and active during the event (times may vary). You must find me after I've announced that I've hidden and it's an event. Finding me when I'm just training doesn't count XD. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! P.S. Thank Cosmos for sponsoring these events!
  4. Awarded points
  5. Welcome to my shop! For every 50m (rounded up to nearest 50m) you will receive 1 Goob Point worth 1m each. Goob Points can even be used to purchase an item for free if you have enough points! To claim Goob Points, simply post your ign and amount spent within 30 minutes after purchase. My Store: Armadyl Crossbow = 70m Dagon' Hai top x3 = offer Bandos Tassets = 70m Amulet of Fury = offer Armadyl hilt = offer Zamorack Godsword = 50m Saradomin Godsword = 50m Torag's Platebody = 15m Ahrim's Robeskirt = 15m Karil's Crossbow = 10m Guthan's Warspear = 10m Guthan's Helm = 15m Dharok's Platelegs = 20m Zamorak Coif x2 = 5m Saradomin Coif = 5m Saradomin d'hide = 5m Goob Points: Artorias = 2 points
  6. Double entry from disconnection.
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