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Warscape beginners guide! No donations!

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Welcome to my first attempt at making a guide for a server! This guide is going to be orientated towards players who want a generic guide to how I PERSONALLY have approached the game for two different releases as a regular player. I plan to make an ironman guide in the future. This is not an official guide and I will not claim to know the best strategies. So please sit back and welcome to Warscape! 


Make sure you pay attention to the starting guide to make sure you know where all shops/skilling resources are 😄 .


When you log into Warscape the first thing you should know is that you will have a 30 minute 50% xp boost make sure you move quickly to utilize it! It will start ticking down from when you log in.

You may notice is the vast amount of custom NPCs and custom home. Do not be afraid as you can tackle one obstacle at a time. Let's start with the inventory of a new player!2136482575_Screenshot2020-10-30134811.png.770460eaa2059b85f535c8bfb4a340e5.png223114161_Screenshot2020-10-30134752.png.5b7e114b52f930376fca90dec6da6034.png

As you can see the starter comes with a full set of gear and some goodies in the inventory. The armor set each piece not including the rapier and shield will provide a 1% bonus xp to all skills with a max of 6% with all pieces.

This rapier will be your BIS for the early game for melee so make sure you keep it handy 😉 .

The mystery box will provide a random item from Barrows Gear all the way to Party Hats! Good luck on the box!

Next item is a pet chest. This will give you your first pet that has what is known as a drop rate boost or known on the server as DR. This pet will provide a +2% boost to all your drops!

You have typical starter gear, some cash and food after that. 

The last item is what is known as a XP boost. These boosts can be obtained Via PVM or random reward from various events. These only last for a limited amount of time and can only be stacked with the same type of Booster. Example: you cannot use a 100% boost with a 150% boost. They must be the same. This timer on the boosts will only run while logged in so I would log out if not actively playing with it.

Now after you have explored your inventory let's get one crucial item for new players called the slave.

The slave will be located south of spawn in the altar room the npc is named "Celestial Slave" speak to this NPC to obtain your slave!1313129545_Screenshot2020-10-30141251.png.dde045d924f29b738649facc93c2000a.png 

This slave will work as a follower. (Note you can only have 1 follower at a time). The slave provides 2 free and in my opinion critical bonuses for new players. A free portable bank in almost any area. And a free +7 boost to all combat stats every 5 minutes. This can be very helpful for preventing numerous banking trips. How you utilize both the slave and DR pets is by just carrying the slave with you and dropping between kills to boost stats/Bank, and you would drop your DR pet while in combat. 


Next we will talk about your hourly spin bonus! After 30 minutes of starting Warscape you will be able to obtain an Hourly loot bonus! This is located north of the home bank!1775220561_hourlyloot.png.5f1972fcf8daa5157f4f12062e53e4c2.png

This chest will provide you a 100k-200k cash stack and an Hourly Token. This token can be used on the chest for a random free loot 😮 !!! Best of luck on the Spin 2 Win 😉 .


Now for level progression I would recommend 2 different routes.

1. Slayer route: This route is pretty generic but will make you money fast. The reason I choose the slayer route is for the slayer keys. These keys are guaranteed 500k cash or more with a Mystery Box + a random resource that can be utilize for skilling or pvming with the chance of rare loots. This in my opinion provides the best early money and medium game gear as you can get barrows pieces from Mystery Boxes. Make sure you get 43 prayer ASAP as it is crucial for all points of PVMing on Warscape. This will also provide you with a decent supply of PVM points which can be used for the Ring Of Wealth in the point shop at home. This ring will provide bonus Drop Rate and can be upgraded 2 times to increase Drop rate even more.

2. Starter Dungeon: Starter dungeon is a good way to level combat skills while building a decent bank for resources and some quick cash. With a very unique drop table the starter dungeon provides drops ranging from potions to gear, and even a rare chance at custom gear + elder boxes. This route is optimal for players who just casually want to level up combat stats and get a very quick 43 prayer. Again I stress the importance of 43 prayer this will be needed for all forms of PVM. Also once the appropriate amount of PVM points are met I would recommend buying the Ring of Wealth as stated above for Slayer Route. 


This is not a full guide at all to being a new player but I hope this helps anyone who is stuck and overwhelmed.

I plan on releasing many guides for this server so if you have any feedback for me or would like me to make a guide on anything please let me know! I do not know everything but I am willing to learn and put information out there for all. 

Thank you all for your time and reading my guide I hope to see you all in game!





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Great guide, by the way easy way to level is to afk at bandits while keeping eye at your prayer points ( pray melee)  🙂

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Great guide just downloaded and about to play. Definitely gives me a starting path thanks!!  :) 


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