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  1. Took me over 24 hours of in game time but it is done!
  2. 1000 Dragon level with Taming on main account completed 10/31/2020 Max Cash stack on HCIM 200m slayer on both accounts 200m Combat stats on both accounts 99 Taming on both accounts 200m Taming on Main account Will add more as I can think of more
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    Hello Hello everyone! I am sure most of you already know me but I figured I would do this just for fun! My name is Neilsen4 (Neil, Neilsen,). This is my second release of Warscape that I have played on. Last release I was rank 1 overall XP up until the game died and I believe I was second or third max cape in the game. I currently am the first and only full Max player (as of 10/31/2020((this will probably change soon)) ) and I was the first to max an Ironman of any form. I am very open about my training methods and can be very apporachable. I do not tolerate disrespect and entitlement so if you are a dick to players I probably won't give you a good answer to how to accomplish things . I will be trying to make guides for anything that people want and be active within the community as best as possible. I might go for Comp Cape again but we will see! I hope everyone has a great day and I will see you out there!
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    Custom Items

    In my opinion I kinda like the mystery of this as it causes players to explore new avenues and then make their findings public. If everyone knows what is Best in Slot it would make the ECO shift very quickly. Maybe a player made data base could be made for customs that have been obtained.
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    Taming Guide

    Welcome To my Taming guide. As many of you are quite aware this is a brand new skill released with Warscape that offers a lot of end game content and brings some new ways to use your follower slot! Now for the disclaimer This skill has not been reworked since the posting of this guide. This guide was requested to me numerous times from the community since I have hit 99 in it. The meta for this skill may change and I will try to remember update this guide with current information this guide in my PEROSNAL opinion is going to be the most up to date guide on this skill. Requirements: 43 prayer Combat style of any kind A lot of cash Recommended: 99 Prayer Prayer bonus gear 99 in whichever combat skill you use Food/Prayer potions A will to live A massive cash stack Getting Started: DO NOT HAVE A FOLLOWER WHILE DOING THIS SKILL OR IT WILL NOT WORK!!!!! First go to the skilling tab in your teleport menu located in your mages book and teleport to the taming skill Once here Talk to the Taming Expert to receive a brief overview of Taming and to receive 5 Lassos (This is very important to read) She will instruct you to go catch a wolf inside her pen you must be on this exact tile on right side of the gate or you will not be able to go inside (This is a known bug that has not been patched as of uploading this guide) Now you will see wolves when you right click have a tame option and an attack option. It is best practice to lower the HP of whatever Mob you are trying to tame for highest possible chance of successful taming. I personally will never try to tame anything above 20 HP. You can do as you see fit. During the tutorial you will be able to catch the wolf within the 5 lassos that the Taming Expert gives you. This is so you can complete the tutorial. After you tame the wolf you will make your way back over to the Taming Expert and she will hand you a training whip and tell you the tutorial is completed you are free to train at your will. Getting levels quickly: 99% of your XP while training Taming will come from failed taming attempts. Depressing I know but that is just how the skill is made and this is why you need a large cash stack to do taming. With regular Lassos I noticed I would get about 1-2 tames every 100 lassos typically. 100 Lassos are 10M cash. Don't be afraid there is hope. XP scales per mob you go against. Meaning the higher the level Mob the more XP per failed attempt. The only way to boost these XP rates will be with Bonus XP boosters/Well/and DXP. I would highly recommend doing this skill with the most boosters physically possible or it will cost you even more!!! As it stands right now there is no level factor in taming Mobs. I at 99 Taming would have the same chance at taming a level 1 wolf as someone who has level 5 taming if we were using the type of lasso. This makes training the skill very easy as you will know exactly what Mob you should be trying to tame based on the level guide in game There is not much to say on this topic other than go for the highest level creature you can and just start spam clicking,99 will come just as fast as you can stick it out. It will suck at first but stuck it out it is worth it! Lasso Types: As it stands right now there are 5 different types of Lassos in the game Lasso Worst Lasso for Taming 100k GP from Taming Expert or by Mob drop. Otherwise known as your XP giver Celestial Lasso Second worst Lasso for Taming 300k GP from Taming Expert or by Mob drop Lava Lasso Best Buyable Lasso Costing 1M GP from Taming Expert or by Mob drop Blood Lasso (Second Best Lasso costs 5k Blood Money in Points Shop) Master Lasso (100% catch rate and cannot be obtained yet) No official information of these Lasso's has been put out except for Master Lasso on catch rates While Taming I found the Blood Lasso to work quite well in terms of catching the one Creature I had my eyes out for and took me 30 Lassos. Or roughly 150k Blood Money. Where you can find Each Creature: Last updated 10/30/2020 Morytania Swamp: Snake (East of spawn and various spawn locations) Anaconda (South and South West of Spawn) King Anaconda (South West of Spawn) Noxious Dragon (South West of Spawn) Eagle's Peak: Eagle Tortoise Isle: Tortoise Elder Tortioise Kharazi Jungle: South: Black Bear/ Grizzly Bear/ Tortoise/Elder Turtoise South East: Elder Turtoise/ Flame Bear East: Turtoise / Unicorn / Black Wolf / Grizzly Bear West: Black Bear / Grizzly Bear/ Enraged Wolf South West: Black Bear/ Grizzly Bear/ Tortoise/ Elder Tortoise Settlement Ruins: Yak White Wolf surrounding teleport Ice Fenrir (south of spawn on top of mountain) Phoenix Lair: Phoenix Wilderness: Ice Phoenix Dragontooth Island: Blood Dragon Infernal Crater: Infernal Dragon Taming Dragon Guide: Dragons are by far the hardest Mob to train due to them having an attack that you cannot block that can do up to 70 damage (possibly Higher). This attack can be channeled back-to-back. The attack looks like a little fire bomb and when it hits pray that RNG is on your side because it may hurt. I have not found a way to mitigate the damage the only thing you can do is just eat your food to max HP and push through! Example of the special fire attack from dragons! Training Your Creature and using them in Combat: Once you have caught the creature that you desire it is now time to train them. But hold on why would you want to train your taming creature? Your creature as long as it is following you will help you in combat by doing extra damage to whatever NPC you are fighting and the higher the level the more often it will apply damage! Pretty Pogggg . (picture of my dragon applying 35 damage with my regular 24 hit splat) Meaning the higher out of 1000 the more often for example someone with 500/1000 dragon level will have their dragon hit more often as someone with 100/1000. The exact percentages or hit rates have not been released to public as of now! Training creatures is very easy. All you need is your Training Whip (Or better which will be discussed below) and just get wacking! You will get 1 level for every 1000 damage you do Meaning you need to do 4 Million damage total to max out all types of Taming monsters. To do this with max efficiency you will need Potions and Prayers to hit as high as possible! You can train 4 different types of creature types for levels in Taming: Wolf Snake Tortoise Dragon I would not recommend training anything that isn't Dragons or Wolves as the rest have to be manually healed and just isn't worth it to me. But hey it's your life you do as you please Example of interface when you have a Tamed pet. Just have whip equipped and hit train! Different types of Whips: Training Whip (5 Million GP from Taming Expert) +82 Str bonus Training Whip T2: (50 Million GP from Taming Expert) + 92 Str Bonus Training Whip T3: (125 Million GP from Taming Expert) +102 Str Bonus Master Training Whip: (Cannot be obtained yet) + 122 Str Bonus The difference in whips is just the strength bonus stat which will allow you to train your Creatures faster! I hope you guys find this guide helpful! I will try to keep it as updated as physically possible! Any and all Feedback is appreciated. Have a great day!
  6. Welcome to my first attempt at making a guide for a server! This guide is going to be orientated towards players who want a generic guide to how I PERSONALLY have approached the game for two different releases as a regular player. I plan to make an ironman guide in the future. This is not an official guide and I will not claim to know the best strategies. So please sit back and welcome to Warscape! Make sure you pay attention to the starting guide to make sure you know where all shops/skilling resources are . When you log into Warscape the first thing you should know is that you will have a 30 minute 50% xp boost make sure you move quickly to utilize it! It will start ticking down from when you log in. You may notice is the vast amount of custom NPCs and custom home. Do not be afraid as you can tackle one obstacle at a time. Let's start with the inventory of a new player! As you can see the starter comes with a full set of gear and some goodies in the inventory. The armor set each piece not including the rapier and shield will provide a 1% bonus xp to all skills with a max of 6% with all pieces. This rapier will be your BIS for the early game for melee so make sure you keep it handy . The mystery box will provide a random item from Barrows Gear all the way to Party Hats! Good luck on the box! Next item is a pet chest. This will give you your first pet that has what is known as a drop rate boost or known on the server as DR. This pet will provide a +2% boost to all your drops! You have typical starter gear, some cash and food after that. The last item is what is known as a XP boost. These boosts can be obtained Via PVM or random reward from various events. These only last for a limited amount of time and can only be stacked with the same type of Booster. Example: you cannot use a 100% boost with a 150% boost. They must be the same. This timer on the boosts will only run while logged in so I would log out if not actively playing with it. Now after you have explored your inventory let's get one crucial item for new players called the slave. The slave will be located south of spawn in the altar room the npc is named "Celestial Slave" speak to this NPC to obtain your slave! This slave will work as a follower. (Note you can only have 1 follower at a time). The slave provides 2 free and in my opinion critical bonuses for new players. A free portable bank in almost any area. And a free +7 boost to all combat stats every 5 minutes. This can be very helpful for preventing numerous banking trips. How you utilize both the slave and DR pets is by just carrying the slave with you and dropping between kills to boost stats/Bank, and you would drop your DR pet while in combat. Next we will talk about your hourly spin bonus! After 30 minutes of starting Warscape you will be able to obtain an Hourly loot bonus! This is located north of the home bank! This chest will provide you a 100k-200k cash stack and an Hourly Token. This token can be used on the chest for a random free loot !!! Best of luck on the Spin 2 Win . Now for level progression I would recommend 2 different routes. 1. Slayer route: This route is pretty generic but will make you money fast. The reason I choose the slayer route is for the slayer keys. These keys are guaranteed 500k cash or more with a Mystery Box + a random resource that can be utilize for skilling or pvming with the chance of rare loots. This in my opinion provides the best early money and medium game gear as you can get barrows pieces from Mystery Boxes. Make sure you get 43 prayer ASAP as it is crucial for all points of PVMing on Warscape. This will also provide you with a decent supply of PVM points which can be used for the Ring Of Wealth in the point shop at home. This ring will provide bonus Drop Rate and can be upgraded 2 times to increase Drop rate even more. 2. Starter Dungeon: Starter dungeon is a good way to level combat skills while building a decent bank for resources and some quick cash. With a very unique drop table the starter dungeon provides drops ranging from potions to gear, and even a rare chance at custom gear + elder boxes. This route is optimal for players who just casually want to level up combat stats and get a very quick 43 prayer. Again I stress the importance of 43 prayer this will be needed for all forms of PVM. Also once the appropriate amount of PVM points are met I would recommend buying the Ring of Wealth as stated above for Slayer Route. This is not a full guide at all to being a new player but I hope this helps anyone who is stuck and overwhelmed. I plan on releasing many guides for this server so if you have any feedback for me or would like me to make a guide on anything please let me know! I do not know everything but I am willing to learn and put information out there for all. Thank you all for your time and reading my guide I hope to see you all in game!
  7. Could you imagine loot beams that would be pog.
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