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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #4

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Greetings WarScapians,

Here's a list of today's updates:

NOTE - Simply re-run your launcher to download all new client updates (new NPC's, items, etc.) - Only takes 5-10 seconds!

2 New Hourly Event Bosses:

Lord Zamorak:


Blood Lord:


New Event Boss Chest Rewards: Blood Lord Pet, Blood Rapier, Saradomin blade (i)


2 New Tameable Creatures:

Blood Hydras: (Karuulm Dungeon)


Flaming Phoenix (1) (Phoenix Lair)



Donator Zone Portal Redesign:



New Members Only Boss (Member Boss Portal at ::donatorzone)

Infernal Hydra:


(Possible drops: Infernal Hydra Pet, Infernal Dragon Claws, Infernal Rapier (NEW!), Infernal Partyhat)


Icon Boosts Added:

Damage Icon: (Best melee dmg/accuracy for in-game necklace slot & offering 10% accuracy bonus)


Shield Icon: (Best melee defence for in-game necklace slot & offering +10% defense bonus)



In The Works:

Wealth Icon

Restoration Icon

Tokhaar-Jad (Enlarged, faster and black version of Jad that can be defeated for the Tokhaar-Kal)

New Legendary Donator Zone

Extreme Donator Zone Improvements


Quality of Life:

Pest Control games now offer +50% additional points

Pest Control boats now depart every 45 seconds rather than 60


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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did the pest control point boost get added? it seems to be same amount as before ( 5 points) , also thank you for these awesome updates 🙂

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