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-A few achievements in diary are uncompletable

-Vorkath dont give drops

-Fire dragons dont give drops

-New boss monsters dont give boss points only pvm points

-After finishing RFD minigame you have to enter again for barrow gloves to appear in the chest

-At trading post when u click list items for sale sometimes ur inv bug out and have to relog

-When you have multiple vote points on the website and you claim it you only get 1x vote points (for example you have 2 points on web and you claim ur votes ing you get 1 vote point but also when you have 4,6,8... points and claim them you also get 1 vote point)

-When you spawn void champion ur pet bug out (like when you die with pet) and have to relog

-When wearing a dr boosting pet it dosnt change the numbers in npc drop table

-Bp doesnt save ammo

-Ladder in edge tps you to taverly dungeon (atm no way to get to edge dung as i know)

-Warscape armor pieces dont give bonus xp while wearing them

-Some skilling outfits dont give bonus xp

-Gauntlet minigame uncompletable (it hits high and through prayer)

-Polypore staff dont have its own spell and dont have any stats

-spinning mboxes closes when you do or take any action and you loose it (moving, getting hit....)


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Here is few more bugs i have encountered

- Npcs disappearing sometimes for unknown reasons

- npcs attack you in catacombs for some reason)

- certain items like serpent helmet have low value and dont go past cheap items on-death protection

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-You can spawn multiple vorkaths if u spam the rocks when entering

-Theres no battle arena point shop

-Some vote sites doesnt work

-maxhit dummies doesnt work

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Posted (edited)

- there is no mithril ore in the crafting guild (used for hard falador diary)

- you can't wear a quest point cape (elite lumbridge diary)

- you can't pickpocket a man in lumbridge (easy lumbridge diary) ✅
- gate at sophanem isn't working (elite desert diary)
- you can't create anti-venom potions (elite Karamja diary)
- lletya isn't reachable, there is no teleport or anything for it. (Elite Western diary)
- there are no elves in game (Hard Western Diary) ✅
- there is no crystal that can be turned into a crystal bow (Hard western diary)

- ring of nature doesn't work correctly

- Hard clue scroll doesn't work (screenshot attached)

2020-12-13 19_46_34-WarScape.png

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