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So I may be the only person interested in this but... if you don't want to play Iron Man, you're locked into playing Regular, which means x30 exp.  For those who like the skilling part as much as the PVMing, would it be possible to add in different gamemodes, each with a different exp rate?

Like an Easy mode, for people to test out the server, see what they like, figure out how the skills work on there, and where to train them, etc, maybe around x50 exp.  Regular can stay as is, since that's what people are accustomed to.  Hardmode could be x20, or even x10 depending, and an Extreme mode between like... 2-5x exp rates?  Gives a few more options, helps to give more use to the insane amounts of skilling items people get from all these chests... could revamp the need for the skilling items that burn holes in people's banks, or litter home (that I then pick up because I'm a hoarder)?

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