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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #69

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates include several client updates such as new items, NPC's more!

Simply re-run your launcher (or download the updated client) to apply all updates which are as follows:

Age of Grim Season Events: X2 Season Experience EVERY WEEKEND for the remainder of the season!


Season Boss: The Grim Reaper (level-666) (16,666,666 hitpoints)


Upon reaching a Season level of 20 (max) players will be able to use the Halloween chest at home to teleport to the Halloween Boss (Grim)



Grim drops all of his precious valuables obtainable from the Halloween chest, as well as Halloween keys and more:


Grim is very defensive against Melee damage, with only 1/5 (20%) of Melee hits landing while 4/5 (80%) of Melee hits result in 0 damage


Grim is weak against Magic and Ranged attacks however, only able to block 1/10 hits (10%)

Players should use Protect From Magic prayer when fighting Grim


NEW Ganodermic Champion ticket


This ticket is used to unlock access to The Ganodermic Champion boss (::ganochamp) for 30 minutes per ticket used, along with a ::ganotimer command to track your remaining time




Legendary Donators are unable to use these tickets as they have no need for them, these tickets are only useable by players without Legendary Donator rank

The Ganodermic Champion tickets can be purchased from the Loyalty Point Store and Blood Money Store


NEW Seren's godbow (hellfire) (i) which can be created by using a Hellfire stone on a Seren's godbow (hellfire)


NEW Seren's godbow (perfected) which can be created by using a Perfection Enhancement Kit on a Seren's godbow (hellfire) (i)


This is the NEW Best-In-Slot bow at +500% Ranged Damage


ALL Slayer keys are now stackable



More Updates

ALL Orbs of Damage (Destruction, Mastery, etc) now properly boost Ranged & Magic damage

Orbs of Corruption and Lamps of Corruption now properly boost Magic stats

Orbs of Halloween (i) now properly offer 1:7 chance of double loot from Group Bosses

Halloween rings now properly work with Books of Halloween


The Vote Boss now has 3m hitpoints, Galvek now has 3m hitpoints, Seren now has 2m hitpoints, Ganodermic Champion now has 15m hitpoints


Items & Pets with healing effects now take priority based on the item/pet with the highest health boost

Example: If you're using a weapon that boosts health to 150, but also using a Lamp of Rejuvination that boosts health to 200, the lamp heal effect will take priority over the weapon so that you do not go below 200 hitpoints


Players are now notified on login when Bonus Slayer Points & Bonus Season Experience Events are ACTIVE



More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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