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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #60

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates include several client updates such as new interfaces, new items & more!

Simply re-run your launcher (or download the updated client) to apply all updates which are as follows:

NEW Slayer Task Counter Interface


This interface will show on-screen while you have an active Slayer task, if you wish to toggle it off simply use ::taskcounter

NEW GIM Interface


This interface can be accessed by using ::gimpanel on all Group Ironman accounts

Group leaders can use this interface to kick members, and members can use this interface to leave their current group

The total level of 50 cap for joining a new GIM group has also been removed

NEW Slayer key (tier 5)


These Slayer keys have a 1 in 90 chance of dropping while on task, and 1 in 75 chance if wearing a Slayer helmet (hellfire) variant or Slayer helmet (master)

These keys have a chance at rewarding the following:

1 in 20 chance to receive a Ultra Mystery Box

1 in 25 chance to receive a Slayer ticket or Slayer ticket II

1 in 75 chance to receive a NEW Cannon booster upgrade kit

1 in 150 chance to receive a Hellfire orb

1 in 150 chance to receive a Hellfire stone or Hellfire enhancement kit

NEW Cannon upgrade kit


This kit can be used to imbue a Cannon booster into a Cannon booster (i)


The Cannon booster (i) can then be upgraded into it's final form of a NEW Cannon booster (hellfire) with a Hellfire stone


NEW Slayer helmet (hellfire (i) (+250% Dmg & Accuracy, +50% Drop Rate) which can be created using a Hellfire stone on a Slayer helmet (hellfire)


NEW Zaryte bow (destruction) which can be created using a Destruction enhancement kit on a Zaryte bow (master)


This bow has 2-shots similar to Bougie bows and is 1-tick speed, now being the BIS bow available


More Updates

Slayer Group Boss Tasks now count towards your task count even when just participating in the kill

Slayer ticket stock in Slayer shop increased to 100 tickets

Sang (master) staff and Old man's wand (master) have been buffed


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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