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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #57

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates include some client updates such as quality of life improvements, new items & more!

Simply re-run your launcher (or download the updated client) to apply all updates which are as follows:

NEW Gambler added to ::dice zone


The Gambler will allow you to play dice with him (55x2) with your goal being to roll any number over 55. If you roll over 55, you win whatever you bet! If you roll under 55, you lose your bet.




You can bet The Gambler in increments of 1M Platinum Tokens, 10M Platinum Tokens, and 100M Platinum Tokens


Players can now use Hellfire enhancement kits to upgrade a Destruction Godsword into a NEW Hellfire Godsword


Players can now use Hellfire enhancement kits to upgrade Destruction Wings into NEW Hellfire Wings


The Vote Boss now drops a NEW set of Golden Armour (i) that is worth 5 billion coins per piece


Players can use any piece of Golden Armour (i) on a bank booth to exchange it for 5M Platinum Tokens (5B)


Pet Updates (Thanks to PVM All Day)

Players can now switch pets instantly by dropping a new pet even if they already have a pet following them

Player Pets will now spawn next to players on death, no longer disappearing


Clue Scroll Coin Rewards

Easy Clue Scrolls now offer 5M coins for every clue completed

Medium Clue Scrolls now offer 10M coins for every clue completed

Hard Clue Scrolls now offer 20M coins for every clue completed

Elite Clue Scrolls now offer 40M coins for every clue completed

Master Clue Scrolls now offer 80M coins for every clue completed


More Updates

Players with Prestige 10 Slayer will now receive +15 Slayer Points per task

Orbs of Wealth & Orbs of Mastery no longer auto-pickup ashes

Deathtouched darts lowered from 50K damage each to 20K damage (New variants of Deathtouched darts are in the works which will be more rare, but deal 50K damage and 100K damage each)


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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