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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #53

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates include some quality of life updates, group boss buffs & more!

Galvek (Group Boss) now drops a NEW Corruption Enhancement Kit


This kit can be used on Destruction items to create various pieces of Corruption items including NEW Corruption icons, NEW Corruption totems, Corruption wings, and Corrupting rings

NEW Corruption Icon


NEW Corruption Totem



Group Bosses now have 2-5 health regens per life, meaning they will heal 2-5 times to full hitpoints before dying each kill

Seren & Galvek now have 5 regens, Abomination, Zalcano & Night Terror have 3 regens & Penance Queen has 2 regens

These bosses have been buffed since current DPS gear has grown to a stage where killing many of these group bosses had become too easy

Solak still has no current health regen ability, and The Vote Boss still has 3 health regens per life


Seren now drops a NEW Scythe of virtue (destruction) - Similar to a Scyth of vitur, but the virtue scythe is 1-handed and 1-tick speed


This Scythe is considered to be extremely powerful and the BIS Melee weapon now obtainable from bosses in WarScape

This Scythe is also a very rare drop, with it being a 1 in 25 chance of dropping per RARE drop from Seren which is upwards of 1 in 200


Players can now sacrifice Crystal shards in increments of 25, 50 and 100 (was 5, 10 and 25)


Players can now use Wealth totems (i) and Wealth rings (i) on the Eternal Fire to convert them to regular Wealth totems and Wealth rings that you can sacrifice to the fire for orbs



More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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