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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #50

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates include some client updates such as more new items, NPC's & more!

Simply re-run your launcher (or download the updated client) to apply all updates which are as follows:

NEW Event Boss (Group Boss): Galvek (level-908)


Galvek has a 1 in 3 chance to spawn every time a regular event boss spawns, which is every 10-15 minutes. This makes Galvek's average spawn time every 30-45 minutes.

Players will be able to use ::galvek spawned.

Galvek has the fastest attack speed of all group bosses thus far, and deals the most damage as well. Dying to him is considered "safe" but expected to happen often.

Galvek has 60,000 hitpoints, and will regenerate to full health 3 times after reaching below 20k hitpoints. This makes his total hitpoints about 160,000


Galvek has some epic drops including some new and exclusive items:

NEW Orb of Corruption


NEW Wings of Corruption


NEW Ring of Corruption


NEW Galvek pet (+250% Damage Boost)


Players can imbue Galvek pets with an Imbue stone to make a NEW Galvek pet (i) (+300% Damage Boost)



NEW Nature Tree


Players can now cut this Nature Tree near the Majestic Chest in the Skilling Area

Players must be 10th Prestige in Woodcutting to chop Nature sweets from this tree

Players must have an imbued Hespori pet following them to chop from this tree


The Nature Tree takes 3 times as long to chop sweets than Majestic trees


The Trading Post has been successfully converted to Platinum Tokens as the new currency instead of coins


This means that if you want to list something for 1B on the Trading Post, you would list it for 1,000,000 (1m) Platinum tokens.

This opens a huge opportunity for players to now sell expensive items that they were previously unable to sell in the Trading Post.


::eventboss command is now useable for ALL players as Donator accounts simply kill the event bosses too quickly, leaving non-donator players without a chance



Donation Boss: Donator Chest (level-1000)



Stay tuned!

- Mod Cosmos

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