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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #37

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates include some client updates such as more new items, NPC's & more!

Simply re-run your launcher (or download the updated client) to apply all updates which are as follows:

NEW Vote Boss - Corrupt Young Man (level-874):


The Corrupt Young Man is a very profitable Vote Boss, offering high amounts of coins, blood money, C'keys and more:

iPzv5gjcQu6grJ6l-6z1CQ.png?width=400&hei --> 6vcR4v2LR8WfbRe1qgYxug.png?width=400&hei

The Corrupt Young Man will spawn every 100 votes (::voteboss) as shown in the updated Quest Tab:


Players can now use a NEW Slayer Enhancement Kit (m) on Slayer helmets to create the master variant:


The Slayer helmet (m) offers +150% Slayer accuracy and damage

The Slayer Enhancement Kit (m) is dropped by all Superior Slayer Creatures & received as a rare reward from the Slayer Chest


Players can now use NEW Sirenic Enhancement Kits to enhance their Sirenic masks, tops and bottoms:


Sirenic armour (i) offers +200% Ranged damage & has infinite charges

Sirenic Enhancement Kits are dropped by Solak & Spirit of Guthix (Bosses)


Players can now received the Master icon as a rare drop from the Penance Queen boss:


The Master Icon offers the effects of Damage icon (i), Wealth icon, Restoration icon & Shield icon

Players can now use their Donator capes (donator, extreme & legendary) on Tokhaar-kal capes (regular) to create Tokhaar-kal donator capes:


More Updates:

Raiden has been buffed to 7k+ hitpoints

Raiden now has a 1 in 20 chance to hit off your Prayers

Raiden zones have been fixed so that they are 100% safe

You can no longer use a cannon at Raiden

Fortune Chests (from Event Bosses) now offer 50-150m coins and 25k-50k blood money everytime (was less than half that)

Grotesqeue armour & Ganodermic armor (base-sets) have been added to the Slayer Chest as rare rewards

Flaming armour (i) set now gives +150% damage boost to Melee (examine option reflects this update)


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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Love seeing solak, spirit of guthix, and sirenic getting the love they deserve ❤️ 

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