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Mod Chris

Faq's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Hello Everyone, Here are some Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Make Money?         CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW


What is Taming?         CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT TAMING IS


How Do I Start Ship Raids?           CLICK HERE TO SEE QHAT SHIP RAIDS IS


What Do Mystery Boxes give?, And How Do I Get A Lot Of Them?        CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT BOXES CAN GIVE AND HOW TO OBTAIN THEM


What Pets are there, And Where Can I Get Them?           CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT PETS THERE ARE AND HOW TO GET THEM


Do You Guys Have HighScores?            CLICK HERE FOR HIGHSCORES


How Do I Donate?       CLICK HERE TO DONATE


What Perks are there for Donating?        CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT PERKS/RANKS THERE IS FOR DONATING


What Custom Items are there?     CLICK HERE TO SEE CUSTOM ITEMS


My Client Won't Load Properly, How Do I Fix This?      Click Here To Fix

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