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Mystery Box/Key Guide

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Greetings my fellow Warscapian's!

I have seen a lot of player's asking best loot from mystery boxes as well as infernal keys, slayer keys, etc. In this guide I will be opening 50 of each mystery box and 100 of each key. Also, I will put in the ways off getting these boxes and keys. LETS GET STARTED!

Boss Event Key's

Boss Event keys are right in the name. Simply teleport to the boss that announces over the server. You do need to get 200 damage in order to receive a key. (All boss keys are the same even though their names are different, you get the same loot)


This is what the key's look like, now to open and show what you can get.


With 100 keys the red highlighted items are the rares. We got 2 ancient platelegs, an infernal staff, and 2 Jaltok-Jad pets! You can get the rest of the ancient parts as well as a fortune chest which gives a random amount of coins!

Slayer Keys

You get slayer keys by simply doing slayer. Every NPC you kill while doing slayer has a chance of dropping a key (tier 1, 2, 3, and 4). Tier 1 being the lowest is just a less chance of getting a good item. So, tier 4 are the ones to go for. You can also buy the keys in the slayer store for slayer points. They keys I'm opening are Tier 4. (You also get a Mystery Box for every key so I got 100 mystery boxes during this open)


These are what Tier 4 keys look like, now lets open them!


For 100 keys we got 2 Spiked Slayer Helmets, Ring of Enhancement, and a lot of mystery boxes and infernal keys. (also 100 regular mystery boxes). The chest also gives Slayer Armour but I'm unlucky lol.

Night Terror Keys

Night Terror keys can be obtained by killing Night Terror in the boss teleports. You will need at least 200 damage to get a key. (group boss)


Keys look like this, now lets open!


So we got 8 Frostbite Perk upgrades which are used to upgrade Grotesque to the Frostbite verison, 3 Ring of Wealth (i), 3 Warscape Mystery Boxes, 5 DONATOR TOKENS!, 8 Mystery boxes, and 45 Crystal keys. Night Terror also gives Ancient Armor pieces but again im not lucky.

Infernal Keys

You can get Infernal Keys many ways. Bossing drops key pieces (need all 3), slayer gives keys, you can buy them from players or certain stores.


These are Infernal Keys, lets open!


As you can see these keys are OP! Almost 4 sets of Vanguard Armour, 2 Infernal Rapiers, Obliteration Staff (i), Infernal Claws, Flaming Armor Enhancement Kit, 10 Deathtouched Darts, 3 Vote Tickets, 4 Mystery Boxes, Colossal Boots, as well as 100 Warscape Boxes (get 1 for each key) and all the cash and blood money. These keys also give full Colossal Armour!

Now for the Mystery Boxes!

Regular Mystery Box

These mystery boxes you can get a lot of ways also. Some ways are hourly loot chest, slayer chest, and drops!


These are the regulars, lets open!


We got 2 Ring of Wealth Scrolls, Dragon Cane, and 600 PKP tickets. As you can see these boxes are mostly cosmetics and barrows but still are good for new players!

Warscape Mystery Box

These mystery boxes can be dropped by bosses, voting, hourly chest, donator shop, pvm points, crystal key minigame, and many other ways.


These are the Warscape Boxes, lets open!


As you can see these are also not the best but are great for new players! We got an Infernal Mystery Box, a bunch of Rev items, 3 Acb. BUT, you can also get Partyhats and Donator tokens from these boxes.

Blood Mystery Box

Blood Mystery Boxes can be bought with blood money in the shop, they can also be bought form vote shop. Doing Tomb Raids can also get you some boxes. They are also in the crystal key minigame.


These are the blood, lets open!


These boxes give some good things. We got some infernal keys, BLOOD PARTYHAT, a lot of deathtouched darts, blood warhammer, twisted crossbow blood skin, and bloodnight helmet. The boxes give the rest of bloodguard armour, blood wings, and more!

Infernal Mystery Box

You can get these boxes from boss points, voting, bossing, crystal key minigame, and from the infernal chest.


These are the infernal mystery box, lets open!


As you can see these are also OP. We got infernal partyhats, obliteration staff (i), infernal rapier, infernal stone (upgrades infernal scythe of vitur to the dread varient), infernal keys, infernal defender, gold tokaar, and tetsu!

Ultra Mystery Box

You can get these in the hourly loot chest, crystal key minigame, or by donating.


These are the Ultra's, lets open!


We got an EPIC PET CHEST, Flaming Legs, Master Lamp, and Extreme Donator Cape! These boxes have a lot of good loot, have to give them a try!

Majestic Mystery Box

You can get these in the donator shop, tomb raids, loyalty shop, and from ultra boxes. If you are a donator you can get all these boxes from the Majestic Mystery Box NPC at EDZ (extreme donator zone)!


Here is what they look like, lets open!


GUYS! Let me tell you, you need to get your hands on these boxes. LOOK AT THE LOOT! Unbelievable!

That's a wrap for now! Will add on as more boxes/keys are released! Thank you for viewing and as always show some love! This guide looks easy but opening those boxes takes a lot of time lol. ❤️ all my people! Goodluck!












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