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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #34

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates consist of a few new content additions and improvements which are as follows:

Players can now use Infernal enhancement kits to enhance Bandos armour & Armadyl armour:

FBV_JgXCTkyMmVRqleVbfA.png?width=400&hei --> Uq_Yh47uSQS1HFQTg7ZzxQ.png?width=400&hei

qC49wZ_HSdayTF-rDpwVBA.png?width=400&hei --> YyJtQlzWScGc-JDRiXqcUQ.png?width=400&hei

(These infernal armour sets provide a 50% damage boost)

Achievement rewards have been revamped to offer more incentive for new players:

6by6JWqJTgmS8ol61-gBlA.png --> mIzOapXYQL_MUrvGuacUhg.png

dzTpujmXRFG-DGWptqD9sA.png --> MBKfYMeNTBulmo_BFyG22Q.png

(Example Achievements Before & After)

More Updates

Trials of Verzik Raids (Minigame) now offer additional TOV Points based on damage dealt:

50-2000 damage = 2 TOV Points per raid

2000-5000 damage = 3 TOV Points per raid

5000-8000 damage = 4 TOV Points per raid

8000+ damage = 5 TOV Points per raid

Rare rewards from COX Raids (Minigame) are now 20% more common

Donators will now receive 1-5 additional Mystery Box kills in the Majestic Chest area

Players now have a 1 in 30 chance to receive a Bond of luck (+1% Drop Bonus) from Event Bosses (Enraged Graardor, Corrupt Skotizo, etc)

Restoration icons & Restoration rings now heal 4-12 hitpoints each time (was 3-6)

Wilderness ring added to Slayer Point Store for 500 points

Master ring (i) now offers the Wilderness ring effect (Teleport out of Wilderness at any level)

Players can now imbue a Master ring with a Master stone from the Ice Dragon (Boss)

Frozen keys from the Ice Dragon (Boss) are now 1 in 20 drop rate (was 1 in 30)

Tokhaar-kal cape & variants have been added as Infernal Mystery Box rewards

Players will no longer lose items in their looting bag when in ::safemode or possessing safe lives

Rune pickaxe added to iron-man shop per request

Iron man accounts can now access the ::dz shop per request

::commands list has been updated with some of the recently added commands


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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YOOOO this update addresses big concerns I have had since starting. Glad to see you pumping out the content ❤️

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Yet again, you’ve outdone yourself, Cosmos. Glad to see these updates stay rolling out. And nice work to Chris too, to for addressing this issue, and helping come up with a solution for newer players 🙂  

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Once again you've killed it on the updates. Love that improvements for new players are just as important as for older ones.


Looking forward to seeing what you're cooking up next!

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