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Money/Blood Money Making!

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Hello my fellow Warscapians!

I'll be showing you my way of money/blood money making and hopefully it will benefit you aswell!

We will start on how to make money!

You know when you first login and asking yourself "how tf do i buy anything without any money" well I got the answer!

Here is an AFK way to train but, in order to make the money you have to pickup the Crystal Key pieces.

First, go to the teleports and go to "Bandits" under "Monsters".


Once you're there, run West and you'll be in a building filled with Bandits that are aggressive meaning they will attack you.


After you're there stay close to the bar area so that most the Bandits will be around you. Kill as much as you want and pickup the Crystal Key parts to make a Crystal Key. Collect as much as you can and sell in the Trade Post at home. They sell anywhere from 8m-12m per key.

FYI: You can only afk here for 1 HOUR tops before staff will come and see if you are NOT afk, if afk you will be teleported home!

Next step for some cash!

Simply type ::vote and vote! People will buy votes or get enough to buy the mystery boxes, vote points, orbs, etc. Takes 5 minutes to vote and BOOM cash coming your way. Also, help's the server grow! Type ::claimvotes for every vote (vote once, claim, vote again, claim). Plus, you get a chance for double vote points and a mystery box! Donators get extra points also don't forget to donate 😉




Use your PVM Points (from killing any monster in-game) on Crystal Keys or Bonds Of Life.


Again, Crystal Keys sell anywhere from 8m-12m. Bonds Of Life are used to keep items on death if you're a non-donator. Simply, click the bond and it activates. Players also buy these! (no set price but can take what you want). The first bond (all the way left) is good for 1 death, second is good for 5 deaths, and third is good for 10 deaths!

Last but not least easiest money making is SLAYER!

Slayer is the best way to get started! Not only can you make money but you can train and get better gear!

Slayer Masters are located North-East of home. You can either start with Tureal or Mazchna. Once level 50 you can go to Duradel, 90 you can go to  Nieve for Boss Tasks. There's also Kristillia for wilderness tasks (not sure what level).


Doing slayer will give you Slayer Keys (Tier 1, 2, 3, 4) 4 being the best. Use these keys on the chest.


Loot from the chest can be: Slayer armor, mystery boxes, coins, skilling supplies, food, infernal keys, and more!

You can sell the Infernal Keys also they go for a high price. Or use them and possible get a very good gear!

Using your slayer points you can either buy keys or Ring of Charos which will teleport you straight to your task.

FYI: Donators can cancel task for free ::canceltask or NON-DONATORS can use ::cancelmytask

which will cancel a task for a 1M payment.


Blood money is another way to make coins also!

All NPC's have a chance to drop blood money. But when they do its not very much.

The EASIEST way to get blood money is Tomb Raids under the Minigame teleport towards the bottom.


Once you're there talk to the Guardian Mummy. You have 3 options (pic below)


For a 3 hour raid you can get anywhere from 20k-50k blood money, a Warscape Mystery box, and 1-10 chances to get a Blood Mystery Box or Ultra Mystery Box

For a 1 hour raid you can get anywhere from 30k-75k blood money, Warscape Mystery Box, and 1-3 chances for a Blood Mystery Box or Ultra Mystery Box, ALSO 1-30 chance to get a Majestic Mystery box.

For a 30 minute raid you can get anywhere from 40k-100k blood money, Warscape Mystery Box, with a GARUNTEED chance for an Ultra Mystery Box, and 1-8 chance for a Majestic Mystery Box.


Whatever one you pick you wait that amount of time (you'll get a notification in your chat) that your loot is ready. Simply go back

and talk to the Guardian Mummy to collect and play again!

That is the easiest way for blood money, but you can also get from any boss.

I hope this helps and I will add on as I find more easy ways to get Coins/Blood Money.

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Very very very nice guide, Ski11z 🙂 I can really see this being useful for newer players, especially with the blood money section. So a lot of people can start grinding and saving up blood money for scrolls! Definitely can tell this took you some time, and it's easy to say this is a very nice guide !

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