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Mod Cosmos

Server Update Log #32

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Greetings WarScapians,

Today's updates consisted of existing content improvements which are as follows:

ALL Mystery Boxes now have a higher chance to reward players with rarer rewards

Infernal Chest has been revamped with new common and rare rewards

Xhp1CzttTiWk0ZubXT4YDA.png --> ihlsFD1eQvKJfgokaPMTwQ.png

Infernal Mystery Boxes have been revamped with new common and rare rewards

pdXRxRXESOaiVylr8_NCvw.png --> DYKSRjjeQeCiMFO6H-WVlw.png

Ultra Mystery Boxes have been revamped with new common and rare rewards

Yt9KLL5JROqURwSf0HbyBg.png --> 1uaeZaVUSnO-XAaR-qpauA.png

Majestic Mystery Boxes have been revamped with new common and rare rewards

n-3iIu9FTV_3tQ6inT-53w.png --> -euWMPWxSFa3mKCkMyiyQg.png

Crystal Key Chest has been revamped with new Skilling supplies for Iron Man accounts (runes, seeds, etc.)

Vote Shop has been revamped:


Slayer Point Shop has been revamped:


Ship Raids (Minigame) rewards have been improved:


Bronze keys from Ship Raids (common) have a 1 in 5 chance to reward a regular Mystery box, and a 1 in 10 chance to reward a WarScape Mystery Box


Silver keys from Ship Raids (uncommon) will always reward a regular Mystery Box, WarScape Mystery Box, and have a 1 in 10 chance to reward an Ultra Mystery Box

Silver keys also have an additional 1 in 40 chance to reward a Majestic Mystery Box

We feel this will update will make the Ship Raids minigame a viable source of content for newer players especially

More Improvements & Fixes:

Players can now use an Infernal weapon enhancement kit on Abyssal whips to make a Stryke whip (infernal)


Colossal armour has been buffed:


Restoration icons and Restoration rings now properly heal you and restore prayer

Blood wings now properly heal you

Deathtouched darts now deal 10,000 damage instead of 5,000

Old man's wand (master) has been significantly buffed with an effect similar to Obliteration staff (i) but more powerful

Master ring (i) now properly restores Prayer

Master ring (i) now offers the effect of Ring of magic (infinite runes)

Crystal key chest now gives noted Dragonstones instead of un-noted

Volrath (Boss Teleport) hitpoints lowered from 5000 to 2000

Restore potions in ::dz shop replaced with Super restore potions

White sweets price reduced by 50k coins in ::dz shop


Credits to @Mod Chris for the Mystery Box revamps and Chest revamps


More to come!

- Mod Cosmos

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The fact that 90% of these updates were requested by players is insane. Finally staff that cares about what people suggest. Amazing updates, I can't wait to try the Ship minigame 🙂

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I was involved with the process a little, and I can definitely say A LOT of time went into this. Glad that this update is getting the praise that it should 🙂 Great update, Cosmos and Chris!

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