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Daymon's Goals

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Hello all


Welcome to my goals and achievements thread!


Outlined in this will be a progress sheet that I will use for myself, and for anyone interested in following to keep track.


My first goal, and what I'll be working towards the most is achieving the Completionist Cape.

I will be updating this, to have all the requirements on here, and marking off what I still have to do.


My second goal, is to receive every rare drop from the bosses in the Boss tab. 

This goal will restart all my drops. From making this post, I will be going for all drops, even those I have already gotten. As time goes on, I will be updating this, posting all the rare drops, as to keep track. And then marking them off as I receive them. I will not be counting double drops, as once I receive one, I will cross them all off for all bosses with the same drop.


I know many may not follow my journey, but for those that do, enjoy! 🙂


Competionist Requirements


Level 99 in all skills(I will be going for prestige 10 - 200m all skills)

Attack - Strength - Defence - Ranged - Prayer - Magic - Runecrafting - Taming - Hitpoints - Agility - Herblore - Thieving - Crafting - Fletching - Slayer - Hunter - Mining - Smithing - Fishing - Cooking - Firemaking - Woodcutting - Farming


All Achievement Diaries

VarrockArdougneDesertFaladorFremnnikKandarinKaramjaLumbridge & DraynorMorytania

Western - Wilderness


All Achievements(including the Tier 1 and 2 variants)

Expert Baby Dragon Slayer - Expert Dragon Slayer - Slaughterer - Boss Slaughterer -

Expert Fisher - Expert Chef - Expert Miner - Expert Smith - Expert Farmer - Expert Chopper - Expert Fletcher - Expert Pyro -

Expert ThiefExpert Runner - Slayer Expert - Dig for Gold - Knight - Tzhaar - Looter - Clue Champ   


50 Chamber of Xeric raids completed

25 Theatre of Blood raids completed




Boss Drops(Not including pets, as is seperate)(Not including drops from Keys)

Shared Drops

Dragon Pickaxe - Dragon 2h Sword - Dragon Chainbody - Draconic Visage - Epic Pet Chest - Epic Orb - Dragon Fishing Rod - Black Dragon Wings - Obliteration Staff - Infernal Weapon Enhancement Kit - Infernal Armor Enhancement Kit



Bandos Mask - Bandos Hilt - BCP - Bandos Tassets - Bandos Boots

Armadyl Crossbow - Saradomin Hilt

Armadyl Mask - Armadyl Hilt - Armadyl Helmet - ACP - Armadyl Chainskirt

Zamorak Hilt - Kril's Robetop - Kril's Robebottom - Kril's Hat - Kril's Swords 



Tanzanite Fang - Magic Fang - Serpentine Visage - Tanzanite Mutagen - Magma Mutagen - Jar of Swamp



Blue Dragon Wings - Skeletal Visage - Vorkath Platebody - Vorkath Platelegs - 

Vorkath Boots - Vorkath Gloves - Vorkath Helmet


Lizardman Shaman

Dragon Warhammer



Primordial Crystal - Eternal Crystal - Pegasian Crystal - Smouldering Stone



Kraken Tentacle - Jar of Dirt - Trident of the Seas


Abyssal Sire

Abyssal Dagger - Annihilation Mace - Decimation Bow - Bludgeon 


Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

Occult Necklace - Tome of Fire


Corporeal Beast

Spectral Sigil - Divine Sigil - Arcane Sigil - Elysian Sigil - Boogie Bow



 Treasonous Ring



Odium Ward



 Tyrannical Ring


Chaos Fanatic

Malediction Ward



 Ring of the Gods - Wilderness Ring


Penance Queen

Wealth RingRing of Damage - Ring of Restoration - Penance Queen(pet) - Damage Icon - Damage Icon(I) - Wealth Icon - Shield Icon - Restoration Icon


King Black Dragon

KBD Heads - KBD Helm - KBD Chestplate - KBD Chainskirt - KBD Gloves - KBD Boots 


Kalphite Queen

KQ Head - Jar of Sand - Primal Rapier - Primal Spear - Primal Warhammer - Primal Helmet - Primal Platebody - Primal Platelegs - Primal Kiteshield 


Dagannoth Kings

Dragon Axe - Mystic Mud Battlestaff - Archers Ring - Warriors Ring - Berserker Ring - Seers Ring


Void Knight Champion

Supreme Void Helmet - Supreme Void Robe Top - Supreme Void Robe - Korasi Sword



Pernix Enhancement Kit - Virtus Enhancement Kit - Torva Enhancement Kit - Torva Full Helm - Torva Platebody - Torva Platelegs - Pernix Cowl - Pernix Top - Pernix Chaps - Virtus Mask - Virtus Robe Top - Virtus Robe Legs - Zaryte Bow


Golden Shadow Beast

Gilded Scimitar - Royal Crown - Royal Gown Top - Royal Gown Bottom - Gilded D'hide Body - Gilded D'hide Chaps - Gilded D'hide Vambraces - Etheral Sword - Gilded Twisted Bow Skin - Golden Spirit Shield


Shadow Lord

Shadow Lord Helmet - Shadow Lord Platebody - Shadow Lord Platelegs - Shadow Lord Kiteshield - Shadow Partyhat


Giant Warmonger

Bork Axe - Infernal Hammer - Colossal Fullhelm - Colossal Platebody - Colossal Platelegs - Colossal Gloves - Colossal Boots


General Zilyana

Saradomin Blade(I) - Saradomin Blade(ice)


Master Wizard

Ganodermic Helmet(m) - Ganodermic Platebody(m) - Ganodermic Platelegs(m) -

Polypore Staff(m) - Ring of Magic


Dark Genie

Blood Lamp - Golden Lamp - Restoration Lamp - Master Lamp - Damage Totem



Infernal Boots - Master Boots - Noxious Boots - Bougie Enhancement Kit


Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon Amulet - Infernal Stone - Blood Stone - Ice Stone - Golden Stone - Master Stone - Frozen Whip Mix


Spirit of Guthix

Green Flamburst Bow - Green Flamburst Sword - Nature Scroll - Nature Wings - Infernal Gauntlets - Master Gauntlets - Noxious Gauntlets 


Corrupt Old Man

Infernal Elixer - Blood Elixer - Old Man's Wand - Wand Enhancement Kit - Tetsu Helmet - 

Tetsu Platebody - Tetsu Platelegs - Hood of Sorrow(blood) - Sorrow Robe Top(blood) - 

Sorrow Robe Bottom(blood)


Ancient Olm

Dinh's Bulwark - Dinh's Ancient Bulwark - Dinh's Golden Bulwark



Ganodermic Helmet(e) - Ganodermic Platebody(e) - Ganodermic Platelegs(e) - Raiden's Gauntlets - Raiden's Ring - Saradomin Enhancement Kit


Lord Zamorak

Flaming Enhancement Kit - Zamorak's Sword(infernal) - Flaming Wings - Flaming Gauntlets - Flaming Boots - Infernal Elixer(i)

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Prestige 10 - 200m Crafting


Also, first drop from Ice Dragon


Edited by Daymon
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Prestige 10 All, max stats. Now time to get 200m all 🙂







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Prestige 10 all. 200m All including Taming now. First person to do so 😮






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congrats on everything and especially the 200m taming, you absolute madlad

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Thanks man! I appreciate it. It definitely wasn’t an easy task. I just have the feeling that the worst is yet to come, rind wise 😅

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Finally knocking out some of the other requirements for Comp 🙂

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This one is the Morytania diaries fully completed:





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After reaching the 50 Chambers of Xeric completions, I have done all the raids requirements for comp 🙂


With this Tier 3 Clue Champ achievement done, that is officially every single achievement done in the game 🙂 



Got the Wilderness diaries done, meaning only 1 thing is left for comp cape: Western Diaries.

Western Diaries are currently not working, awaiting a fix/change to the diaries until I can finish comping 🙂



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so close! Hope you'll get your cape soon. I guess it's time to work on the drop list then eh?

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Almost time to start working on it 😛


I've been busy today, but hopefully that'll change soon. 

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