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    I listen to way too much music, but overall metal and it's subgenres are usually what I listen to the most. Bands such as Full Of Hell, Joy, Kaonashi, Loathe, Skincarver, and Mind Eraser are just a very very small selection of Metal related bands I love. Outside of metal, most anything is fair game besides EDM. Hell, I'd rather listen to harsh noise than techno 100%. I also got plenty of Spotify playlists if yall wanna find some new music
  2. Love seeing solak, spirit of guthix, and sirenic getting the love they deserve
  3. Glad to see ya here on the forums!
  4. I was originally going to release this as a video on youtube, as I feel I can do a better job detailing and showing what I am talking about- but seeing as my motivation has tanked, here’s the script. Also as an aside before yall read this monstrosity of a guide, this is mainly for ironmen, but can be used and adapted for any account. okokok Hey there! I’m Cider, or A Dog! If you’re a masochist like me, you probably like ironman mode. If you’re truly depraved, you may have thought about making an ultimate ironman. Or possibly a solo 99 1 at a time region locked group iron man... Anyways, one of the biggest issues I faced in general, and as an ironman, was trying to boss for gear upgrades. I was always taking way too much damage, chowing down an absurd amount of purple sweets, and overall just not being efficient. Well- it took me until getting some end game gear to come up with a remedy to this problem. And that is using an alt account to soak up damage. I know several people asked, and some may still wonder, is this against the rules? No. The rules permit you to be on up to 3 accounts at once, but does not specify that they cannot directly assist you when it comes to bossing. This however does not work at Group Bossing to get multiple drops, as it limits you to one drop per IP. So, we’re set! Let’s get into the guide on how to effectively use an alt account. First things first, you need another account. Obviously. This account needs maxed combat stats to be most efficient. It’s annoying, but you could probably skip out on training range, besides maybe just enough to wear some decent armor. It doesn’t take long though, and it will be worth the time invested later on. The way you go about this is pretty simple, you can easily afk bandits or you can train slayer. Either of those two, or other methods should work just fine. After you get your stats up you need to gear this account. If you don’t already have items to shove onto this new mule of yours, then you’re probably gonna have to grind a bit for the best gear, however the big important factor of the alt account is to purely soak up damage. If you’re not an ironman, you can have the account gear for DPS, but for now I will stick to the idea of using this to assist your ironmeme account. So for the gear, really you just want to be as tanky as possible. Some suggestions for easy gear to start off with are barrows equipment, godwars equipment, or even obsidian. This can change per boss, so just dress accordingly. I will however go over some later game items I recommend having for your tank. The first item is a custom dinh’s bulwark, such as a golden or an ancient bulwark. And holy shit are they beasts in this server. they alone boast a whopping 1500 defence bonus or more in each stat including magic and range. Hell, it alone would be tanky enough for most use cases! This thing is utterly bulky and makes our alt the best damage sponge out there. The last two items I highly recommend for your alt are the ring of restoration and the blood guardian. You can swap these two out for any healing items, but they are what I run on my alt account currently. The ring of restoration will heal your prayer to full 1 in every 5 hits. It will also heal you slightly, up to 12 hp. This alone should be enough healing, but having a blood guardian or just any other extra healing should keep this account alive through most things. And, that’s really it! Pick a boss to go to and whack it on your alt account with a bulwark while your precious snowflake ironman account gets the drops, while taking considerably less damage. One last thing- depending on the boss, you can actually bring a cannon to deal a bit more dps, but for some reason these hits don’t count towards your total damage to said boss, so you can be sure your ironman account still gets the drop. Alright- that’s it! Get to bossing or somethin idunno
  5. That pet is gonna be useful for a ton of people. Glad to see master scythe back in the shop! Keep it up
  6. So yeah. title. I've completed raiden in terms of armor :] Including the pet! It only took 556 KC too, which is seemingly faster than most people were able to get their pieces Now onto more grinds!
  7. YOOOO this update addresses big concerns I have had since starting. Glad to see you pumping out the content
  8. cider

    its ya boy

    Aye- im nothin special im just a dude who likes dudes who makes shitty music and likes runescape a bit too much. If you like heavy music or love cats we will be great friends. Catch me in game as either Cider or A Dog. Woof. Have a good day :]
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