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  1. Hello Everyone, Here are some Frequently Asked Questions How Do I Make Money? CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW What is Taming? CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT TAMING IS How Do I Start Ship Raids? CLICK HERE TO SEE QHAT SHIP RAIDS IS What Do Mystery Boxes give?, And How Do I Get A Lot Of Them? CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT BOXES CAN GIVE AND HOW TO OBTAIN THEM What Pets are there, And Where Can I Get Them? CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT PETS THERE ARE AND HOW TO GET THEM Do You Guys Have HighScores? CLICK HERE FOR HIGHSCORES How Do I Donate? CLICK HERE TO DONATE What Perks are there for Donating? CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT PERKS/RANKS THERE IS FOR DONATING What Custom Items are there? CLICK HERE TO SEE CUSTOM ITEMS My Client Won't Load Properly, How Do I Fix This? Click Here To Fix
  2. Mod Chris


    Welcome to the server! Glad to see the updates helped someone. More to come I promise!
  3. Mod Chris

    Hey people

    Welcome to the server. We've talked a bit in game. Hop in VC more often.
  4. Mod Chris


    Best of luck on those goals. Hope to see you around more often.
  5. You had me loling moost of that intro. haha Welcome to the forums! I'd love to catch up in game. Or if you're down, Discord.
  6. If it were from me, it would've been a promise Welcome to the forums Mr Wolf!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Mod Chris

    Slime Slime

    Welcome to the forums you Slime............ haha jk. Glad to see ya here brother. Keep up in game.
  8. Mod Chris

    its ya boy

    Ayeeeeeeee Love chatting with you my friend. Hate to say it, but i'm a dog lover haha
  9. Welcome Strider. Glad to see you here brother.
  10. Glad you're here Skippy It wouldn't be the same without ya.
  11. Not to shabby of loot. Glad to see the reworks have paid off.
  12. Nice Updates. Glad to help too. Keep up the great work.
  13. Great Update! Glad to help! More to come Everyone!
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