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  1. Super defense is White Berries not Spider Eggs.
  2. Search for your Clue with Crtl+F Easy Clue Scrolls: Clue 1: Dig near some giant mushrooms behind the Grand Tree. Skilling Teleport Agility Courses. Run North. Clue 2: Dig where only skilled, the wealthy, or the brave can choose not to visit again. Cities Lumbridge Clue 3: The treasure is buried in a small building full of bones. Here is a hint: It's not near a graveyard. Cities Teleport Varrock, Head out city East, Follow road North and East towards swamps. Top of the mountain to the north just before the church. Clue 4: Dig in the centre of a great kingdom of 5 cities. Cities Zeah, Heading West into Castle Clue 5: Dig between some ominous stones in Falador. Cities Falador, Out the Northern gate and directly East. Medium Clue Scrolls: Clue 1: West of the Tree Gnome Village, 00 Degrees 05 Minutes South, 01 Degrees 13 Minutes East. Cities Teleport Yanille, North East, More East. Clue 2: South of Taverley, 07 Degrees 33 Minutes North, 15 Degrees 00 Minutes East. Cities Teleport Taverley Clue 3: West of Musa Point General Store, 00 Degrees 13 Minutes South, 13 Degrees 58 Minutes East. Cities Teleport Karamja Clue 4: West of The Monastery, 09 Degrees 48 Minutes North, 17 Degrees 39 Minutes East Cities Teleport Catherby Clue 5: South of Water Alter, 00 Degrees 20 MinutesNorth, 23 Degrees 15 Minutes East Cities Teleport Lumbridge Hard Clue Scrolls: Clue 1: Inside Graveyard of Shadows, 16 Degrees 07 Minutes North, 22 Degrees 45 Minutes East Wilderness Teleport Chaos Alter, North West Clue 2: North of Black Salamander hunting, 16 Degrees 43 Minutes North, 19 Degrees 13 Minutes East Wilderness Teleport West Dragons and head North-East Clue 3: North of Edgeville, 13 Degrees 46 Minutes North, 21 Degrees 01 Minutes East Home Teleport Clue 4: North of Bandit Camp, 03 Degrees 45 Minutes South, 22 Degrees 45 Minutes East\ Monsters Teleport Bandits Clue 5: South-West Karamja, 06 Degrees 11 Minutes South, 15 degrees 07 Minutes East Cities Teleport Karamja Clue 6: Near Trollheim, 16 Degrees 03 Minutes South, 14 Degrees 07 Minutes East Currently Unknown Clue 7: West of Barrows, 08 Degrees 03 Minutes North, 31 Degrees 16 Minutes East Minigame teleport Barrows Head East and North into Swamp. Clue 8: West of Bandit Camp, 06 Degrees 00 Minutes, 21 Degrees 48 Minutes East Monsters Teleport, Bandits Elite Clue Scrolls: Clue 1: 10 Degrees 54 Minutes North, 20 Degrees 50 Minutes West Cities Teleport Zeah, Head South. Clue 2: 05 Degrees 39 Minutes South, 02 Degrees 13 Minutes East Cities Teleport Yanille, South West under Orge Village. Clue 3: 08 Degrees 15 Minutes North, 35 degrees 24 Minutes East Minigame Barrows, East then North into swamp. Hug the East Side of the Swamp. Clue 4: 17 Degrees 58 Minutes North, 19 Degrees 05 Minutes East Wilderness West Dragons, North East Clue 5: 21 Degrees 03 Minutes North, 24 Degrees 13 Minutes East Wilderness Teleport Lava Dragons Clue 6: 19 Degrees 56 Minutes North, 02 Degrees 31 Minutes West Cities Teleport Nietiznot Clue 7: 10 Degrees 05 Minutes South, 24 Degrees 31 Minutes East Minigame teleport Tomb Raids, Head South Master Clue Scrolls: Clue 1: 16 Degrees 41 Minutes North, 30Degrees 54 Minutes West Minigame Teleport Shayzien Assault Clue 2: 07 Degrees 37 Minutes North, 35 Degrees 18 Minutes East Monsters Teleport: Morytania Swamp Follow Show Route. Clue 3: 12 Degrees 45 Minutes North, 20 Degrees 09 Minutes East Home Teleport Clue 4: 24 Degrees 00 Minutes North, 29 Degrees 22 Minutes East. Wilderness Teleport Rune Fountain Clue 5: 03 Degrees 50 Minutes North, 09 Degrees 07 Minutes East East of Ardougne Teleport. If you come across a clue scroll that is not on this list, Please comment it so that it can be added and we can keep the guide up to date!
  3. I knew that would happen. 15 T1's and I still didn't get them all.
  4. Use Ctrl+F to easily search for your clue. Tier 1 Maps Clue 1: Dig next to the bank chests. At the place where banks are made and lost. Teleport: Minigames--Dueling Arena Location: Just east of teleport location. Clue 2: Find me in the wild near a lone dead tree, Surrounded by skeletons and to the East. Is a mage of zamorak or at least, there used to be. Teleport: Home Location: North over Wildy Trench, Hug the creek to the east until the land wraps around it. Clue 3: Travel to the fishermans cove. Im buried somewhere on the cliff, Below me lies a furnace but its 3 stones pillars that you seek. Teleport: Skills--Fishermans Cove. Location: Just north of the teleport location at the top of the cliff. Clue 4: Hespori cries out from the North. The golden Kraken shrieks to the South. I hear miners to the West. But beside me just stands Bob. Teleport: Home. Location: Directly West following the road until you enter the building. Clue 5: Everyone ventures here looking for capes. If you want to find me. Dig at the entrance to the pits. Teleport: Minigames--Fight Caves Location: West front teleport location, at the entrance to the Fight Pits Minigame. Tier 2 Maps Clue 1: Find me next to a giant Blood Crystal. Though your path to me will not be easy. A creature of pure Terror blocks the way. Not many who enter get to leave. Teleport: Bosses--Night Terror Location: Lower South-East corner of the room. Clue 2: Southern most building of this settlement. That lies in ruin... Crates and barrels all around. But to find me big next to the pole. Teleport: Monsters--Settlement Ruins Location: Directly South of teleport location. Southern most building. Clue 3: This Giant spider has weaved a massive web. Come to the middle... If its treasure that you seek. Teleport: Bosses--Venenatis Location: See photo for direct line up for the 'center' of the web. Clue 4: Buried at the bottom of this chasm. A chasm filled with fire. Hiding in the middle of a ring of lava lined with torches. Teleport: Monsters--Chasm of Fire Location: Follow the path in a U shape from teleport location. Use the lift to head down to lower level. Directly South-west into middle land surrounded by lava. Clue 5: Im buried by a strange machine. In some sort of ancient lab... In the distance dragon roar, And in front of me a ruby neckless? Teleport: Monsters--Rune Dragons Location: Head directly north and head east at the T. Tier 3 Maps Clue 1: The secret to finding me lies with my friends, SU, ROT, HEXIS, ROE, FI and AF. Fought a war to earn a trophy for our efforts. But the real prize is buried nearby. Teleport: Minigames--Clan Wars Location: South-east of teleport location, Stay on the outside of the fenced area. Clue 2: Before me stands and alter. In a room lined with bones... This alter will not hear your prayers. Instead it just wants gold. Teleport: Home. Location: Head south following the road. Enter the building that is south-west of the large fire. Use the purple portal on the west wall of the building. Clue 3: Find me buried in a massive maze of wheat. Just keep moving in the same direction. You can find me in a corner to the northeast. Teleport: Skilling--Puro Puro Location: North-Eastern most corner of the maze on the outer layer. Clue 4: You can find me in the wild. At a place connected with magic. Above me there are runes and magical energy. It flows upward out of the ground. Teleport: Wilderness--Rune Fountain Location: Head directly east along the land bridge. Enter into the northern ruins. Fountain is located in the center. Clue 5: Im buried by the temperature gauge at this massive iron furnace... It does not seem to smelt ores into bars. But rather it turns items into liquid. Teleport: Minigames--Blood Furnace. Location: On the southern part of the Furnace. If I missed any I blame Cali.
  5. So Im not gonna lie. I posted this really late at night and put real effort into answer everything fully. I realized I completely missed Staff Experience. If you'd allow the addition of it then ill list that below. Otherwise its fine to omit it. In the past I have been in a Server Help position as well as a Moderator. The two positions were on the same server and I worked my way up to that position over the course of my time playing. When I was Server Help I was only to assist with Questions about In-game or forum questions to which I was very capable of doing. After roughly a month of that I was given the chance to become a moderator of that server/forum. I then partial removed myself from the answering of all questions and was tasked with handling questions that required action in order to fix. Along with that I took information in from the other Server Helpers and Moderators on players that we were watching due to toxicity/language/ Or just overall bad manners that was riding the line of toxicity and then continued to monitor those players and if action was needed then act accordingly to correct it.
  6. Name: Josh Username: SirSpyro Age: 27 IRL Picture: (Optional) Ew weirdos. Where are you from?: Virginia USA Timezone: Eastern Standard Time How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: Anywhere between 6-8 on weekdays and weekends upwards of 14 if not more depending. Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: So, when I played on the server a before the changeover I was very active in the server, forums, and discord server. I did my best to make it a point to help out any new players the server got to try and make their time playing enjoyable. We didn't have an insane amount of custom content at the time but still I did what I could to explain things simply to everyone as well as making multiple guides on the forums for players of all levels to look at ranging from beginners to experienced players. I enjoy helping people out with whatever they may need. I do work in a blue collar job but I do maintain customer relations on a daily basis, Including communicating highly technically answers in a very simple and explanative manner that can be understood by all while not making it sound condescending to the person I am speaking too. Why should we choose you over others: I was an extremely active part of the old community and have been doing what I can to get back into that same swing of things with the new community. It is a bit odd for me not to see old faces but with my previous experience in helping players in the game and out of it I believe can be useful again. I applied back then as well but It was based on a 'supported' system where players had to comment support and unfortunately myself and another player applied at the same time, and I was not constantly telling people to support me on the forums so I simply got beat out by votes. But I still believe that I can bring a great deal of support to players while also being able to enforce rules when it is needed without being biased. What are some useable skills you have?: I have past experience with JavaScript as well as C+, It has been quite a while since I did coding in Java simply because I moved onto projects that required C+ instead. So if I applied myself I could probably get back into the swing of that. I also have customer service skills from my current job as well as past jobs so I am well accustomed to people believing they are right or doubting that what I'm telling them is factual and am able to deal with those situations in a professional manner and know when things need to be escalated past myself to be handled properly. I'm also very open when it comes to communication. I myself hate when there is a lack of communication between individuals as it leads to unanswered questions or total confusion that causes people to become upset at the wrong parties. So on that note if something is mentioned to myself I make it known to all parties that are equal to or higher than myself so it can be addressed quickly. Staff Experience: What are the qualities you have?: I am generally a caring person and very understanding of people. I don't get offended when people are upset or pissed off and take nothing to heart or personal when it comes to making choices. I am completely unbiased. Unless I am explicitly told otherwise everyone gets the same treatment. To me personally it shouldn't matter when it comes to rules being broken. I know that some things need to be treated like a business where the customer is always right and you can't just act right away and enforce some rules to the fullest extent otherwise you lose a 'customer' and in this case you would lose a player which can hurt the community depending on who it may have been. So in short, I act as a full neutral party no matter the situation. To me every story has 3 sides. The 2 parties involved and then the truth and I always want to hear all sides before acting to keep things fair to everyone. How long have you played WarScape?: I have been apart of the community since 2018, In the past server I was well into over 50 days of playtime. Back then we did have an AFK timer so that is actual playtime. In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: I would continue to play as I do now. I would do a bit more research into the forums and see what guides may be outdated/lacking in order to create new ones that can be updated properly with current information as to not confuse new players and possibly assist older players with things they may not have known about. Along with the position I would just overall assist the other support members in generally helping the community in-game and out of game. I know that everyone has a life and can't always watch the game 24/7. So I hope to be able to fill some of the gaps that can arise. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: In the end I hope that I can improve my skills as a staff member as well as get back into coding. This hopefully leading to assisting as a Dev. and helping bring forth much more custom content for the community including events and mini-games for everyone to enjoy. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?: Of course. I would expect no special treatment no matter what my role was in the staff. I would only expect a warning if I was under preforming and the ability to correct it prior to removal.
  7. SUP NERDS I'M BACK. So obviously i'm SirSpyro. Iv been around this server since mid 2018 maybe a bit before that. I was one of the first 3 people to get 200m in all stats and probably top 5 in terms of wealth. Unfortunately only about 15 people total played at that time and I felt like updates were very few and far between. Mind you it was run by a completely different team basically. It was super fun back then though just because the community was so small we all knew each other pretty well. We would hangout at home which was varrock center. Fashionscape it up and show of our random 'customs' which were normally just items that you couldn't get dropped by monsters. Like Ale of the Gods. Or even Sleds. But either way I stayed in the discord and honestly never even noticed the transition just because I had a lot going on in my work life. Thankfully iv gotten to a point where work has slowed and i have more free time so I decided to rejoin. Its been quite enjoyable and hope to see you all at some point in-game!
  8. Learning The Ropes - A Guide For New Players Fresh of the intro and not sure where to go? Well have I got the info for you. This guide will walk you thru the first things to do, What to do with items you get and how to upgrade your gear. INDEX: 1. Training Stats 2. Basic Upgrades 3. Getting Damage Items Training Stats: First thing is with your starting items you should head to the bank and deposit everything except for your food, knives, and wand. From there open your spell book and click on the 'W' teleport 'WarScape Teleports'. From there you will head to 'Starter Dungeon' found under the 'Monsters' tab. Once inside you will be greeted by a warrior on the ground next to the bank stall named 'Starter Dungeon Guide' I highly recommend talking to this NPC as he can give you some valuable information. TL;DR: He tells you where you can start and some gear you can get from the monsters in the dungeon. Dungeon Layout: Starting from the pathway directly to your west and working clockwise labeling each path as 1-2-3-4-5 are the following enemies. 1. Mutated Rats, Lv 10, HP 50. 2. Elder Troll, Lv 25, HP 75, Has Protection from Melee. 3. Dark Centaur. Lv 50, HP 150. 4. Undead Warrior, Lv 100, HP 200. 5. Shaded Beast, Lv 200, HP 300. These are the most basic of basic enemies. They all drop roughly the same gear/equipment with variations in the amount of coins dropped. In order to find out what an enemy is able to drop you will click on the magnifying glass icon. which will pull up the 'Info Tab'. In the 'Info Tab' you will select 'View NPC Drops' to bring up the following. Within this window you can search for any enemy found within the game. It will give you a detailed list of all drops from said creature as well as chances. !A 1:50 CHANCE DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL RECIVE SAID ITEM WITHIN 50 KILLS! Within this area it is recommended to train all stats to a MINIMUM of 60. I recommend getting stats to 50+ off just mutated rats before moving on to the other monsters in the dungeon. You may notice as you are killing these monsters you may get an 'Elder Mystery Box' drop. These can provide very useful items for starting off players. Basic Upgrades: So you've gotten your basic combat stats up. Now we need to get some new gear. Head back to home using the 'Lumbridge Home Teleport' spell. This will take you back to Edge despite the name. (Blame Wasabii we all do anyways) From home head over to the sword icon on your mini map and speak with 'Melee Combat Tutor'. Simply talking to him will bring up a gear shop with all type of armor and weapons (Basic of course) So get yourself kitted out with the highest gear you can at the time. I recommend a scimitar since you can do 'Lunge' for shared XP across all stats. Getting Damage Items: So you've got your gear and want to get to killing some big bois. But you noticed everyone and their mother is hitting upwards of 500k damage. HOW??? Well first off you need to work on getting Crystal Keys. Crystal keys play a major factor in your base upgrades as they are used to kill Infernal M'Boxs. These are enemies that can drop Infernal Mystery Boxes. If you check the Magnifying Glass Icon again and head over to 'View Collection Log' this will show all 'valuable' drops you can get from both monsters and other means. Heading to the 'Other' tab and selecting Infernal Mystery Box will show you what juicy items you can get. The 3 big ticket item you are looking for are 'Damage Icon', 'Damage Totem', And 'Ring of Damage'. Getting Crystal keys can happen a few ways. AFK SKILLS: There are specific areas that have AFK-ing skill spots. These are very useful if you don't exactly have the time at the moment to grind out PvM but don't want to waste time. These skills are Mining, Fishing, and Woodcutting. They do require 99 in each stat respectively. So you will have to work on that. For a bit more info on that check out Striders guide PvM Crystal Keys: Tons of enemies drop parts or whole Crystal Keys. The most productive way of getting them is to talk to a slayer master and get slayer tasks. This will give you combat XP, Slayer XP, Money, And Crystal Key chances. (If you are unsure where to find your target enemy speak to the slayer master and they can tell you where to find said monster) As you continue to fight monsters youll obtain key tooth pieces and key loop pieces. Keep them no matter what. Once you get to a high enough slayer and begin talking to better slayer masters you can get boss tasks. Bosses have a much higher chance to drop keys. (I would not recommend speaking with Bane as he gives much harder Boss fights) Just Ask (DONT BEG): We have a very friendly and open community. Most of the time if you put in some effort and get some keys yourself there will be someone that will kind enough to give you some spare keys. This by no means just to tell people to give you keys or think you are owed them. If you try it then well good luck. Once you have at least 500 keys saved up head to '::Ckey' This will teleport you next to a 'Majestic Chest'. Head inside and click on the 'Energy Barrier' Here is where you will select Infernal Boxes for 500 Keys. (If you have donator status the base amount of 10 has a chance to increase) So get to killing the infernal boxes inside. It is a large amount of luck but you are working towards all 3 of the damage items mentioned above. Once you have gotten them go ahead and put them on for now. In order from top to bottom are the Damage Icon, Damage Totem, Ring of Damage stat boosts. So as you can tell they can majorly boost your base DPS. Obviously you can also obtain gear and weapons from the infernal boxes that you opened. A big tip is ALWAYS EXAMINE ITEMS. Examining items can give you the rundown of what they do. From here on you will need to work on your Orb Collection. Check out Ski11z guide on Orb Creation to get a better understanding of each orb and what is required to make them. I know this guide isn't exactly the best. However I hope that this can clarify some basics of Crystal Keys and getting the basic damage boosting items. In short, PvM any bosses and AFK skilling are the best ways to get Crystal Keys that are the very foundation of building DPS. When in doubt ask in-game. Plenty of people are willing to help the best we can.
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