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  1. Awesome guide man! Definitely helped me get passed a couple achievements that I was just lost on lol. Great job
  2. Hey everyone, This is a 'short little' list of goals (and some Achievements) that I have made for my Ironman account: Iron Vys. Maxed (2277) Prestige 10 - All skills 200m - All skills (Yes, even Taming). Bonus: Assuming the Hiscores are right, I am the first Regular Ironman to do this! Finish WarScape Achievements Finish Achievement Dairies Obtain Completionist Cape Obtain 1 of each Taming creature Obtain Slayer Helmet (Perfected): Slayer Helmet -> Slayer Helmet (i) -> Slayer Helmet (Master) -> Slayer Helmet (Hellfire) -> Slayer Helmet (Hellfire) (i) Obtain Perfect Falcon Gloves: Flaming Falcon Gloves -> Destructive Falcon Gloves -> Hellfire Falcon Gloves -> Hellfire Flaming Falcon Gloves (i) Obtain Perfected Weapon Set: [Current BIS Weapons: Old Man's Wand (Hellfire), Destruction Rapier, Bougie Bow Infernal (i)] Old Man's Wand (Destruction) -> Old Man's Wand (Hellfire) -> Old Man's Wand (Hellfire) (i) -> Old Man's Wand (Perfected) Flaming Godsword -> Destruction Godsword -> Hellfire Godsword -> Hellfire Godsword (i) -> Perfected Godsword Seren's Godbow (Destruction) -> Seren's Godbow (Hellfire) -> Seren's Godbow (Hellfire) (i) -> Seren's Godbow (Perfected) Obtain ALL Orbs: [A lot of work to do here still] Orb of Experience - 1 of 3 (Can make last 2 just have not done it yet). Orb of Damage - 1 of 15 (Been REALLY unlucky with Damage Totems...). Orb of Wealth - 0 of 4 Orb of Mastery - 0 of 3 Orb of Destruction - 0 of 3 Orb of Corruption - 0 of 1 Orb of Hellfire - 0 of 1 Orb of Perfection - 0 of 1 Crystalized Orb + 15,000 Crystal Keys -> Crystalized Orb (i) Orb of Halloween Orb of Halloween (i) Obtain ALL Lamps: AFK Lamps ~ Golden Lamp, Blood Lamp, Restoration Lamp, Master Lamp. Bossing Lamps ~ Lamp of Wealth, Lamp of Bloodlust, Lamp of Rejuvenation. Misc. Lamps ~ Halloween Lamp, Halloween Lamp (i). Obtain Endgame Lamps that allegedly exist: Corruption Lamp Hellfire Lamp Obtain ALL pets (Far-fetched I know lol) Complete Collection Logs (Will also take an eternity) ...And hopefully make some friends along the way I plan to modify and add to this list as I progress on the account, and good luck to everyone else on the grinds! For now though, you can enjoy some screenshots from my P10/200m's. Not a massive accomplishment per se, but I am pretty proud of it. ~Vyserien
  3. Name: Darren. Username: Vyserien - Main, Vyseries - Alt, Iron Vys - Uh... Ironman. Age: 25. IRL Picture (Optional): Get with Cosmos, he already has all the noodz. Where are you from?: Grew up in the NW suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Currently live just outside Columbia, South Carolina. Timezone: Eastern (EST). How many hours can you spend daily in-game?: Honestly, it varies a lot. Fully active anywhere from 2-6 hours a day during the week. Do work 11-12 hours a day, sadly. Usually do not really get on at all on Saturdays. Fully active almost all day on Sundays. "tHe DaY oF rEsT," more like the day of WarScape! Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I really love the server/community, and want to have a greater role in it. Why should we choose you over others: I really do not love this question. There are plenty of current staff and other players who are just as qualified as me, and I do not want to talk myself up onto a golden pedestal like I am better than anyone else. What I will say, and I am not saying others do not, but I do know I genuinely have the server and community's best interests in heart. What are some useable skills you have?: I have an excellent memory so as updates come out, and I learn things for myself in-game I will be able to retain that knowledge, and use it to help players who have questions. I am also pretty good at diffusing situations where people get a bit agitated/frustrated. Staff Experience: Sadly, no staff experience with RSPS, but we all have to start somewhere. IRL I did work retail for several years, and was being groomed for management prior to starting my current job. I currently work for a construction company where I manage several projects at a time, have several people under me, manage their projects, as well as, communication via calls, emails, and meetings with customers and other sub-contractors. What are the qualities you have?: I am extremely trustworthy and honest (And I know time will have to tell that one). I am calm and level-headed even in intense situations. I am also very loyal. I feel that, overall, the RSPS community is lacking in loyalty so I think that is an important one to point out. WarScape has become a home to me, and it's players like family. I am NOT going anywhere, I am in for the long haul my friends. How long have you played WarScape?: Since mid-late September (2021), so maybe a little over 2 months now. In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: I really just want to help in any way, and when necessary enforce the rules. Answering questions from newer players to help them get started, pointing older/returning players in the right direction to get themselves back on track, and everything in between that is within my power. If it is outside of my ability to help, then I will notify the Mods/Admins above me to hopefully get it addressed and/or resolved in a timely manner. Oh yeah, and IP ban anyone who De-Irons. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: Aside from eventually maybe working up to a higher staff position, I do not have any goals for myself. I do have goals for the server. I want to watch it grow further. I want to see the average 'Players Online' at +100, hell, why not a couple hundred or more. I want WarScape to become The One RSPS to Rule Them All. I think a major deciding factor for new players is the staff. "Were they warm and welcoming when I started?" "Are they attentive and helpful when I am not sure what to do next or where to go from here?" I believe the current staff is exactly that, and I would love to join, and be a part of the team. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?: 100% Yes, I understand. Thank you for your time!
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