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  1. Quick and easy guide, thanks!
  2. Name: Tom Username: Sweaty Clues Age: 27 IRL Picture: (Optional) - available on Discord Where are you from?: England Timezone: GMT+1 How many hours can you spend daily ingame?: typically 8-12 Why do you want to be part of the staff team?: I've been a member of WarScape for a little while now, and have grown to really enjoy the server and the community with which it holds, and wish to continue to contribute to that. Why should we choose you over others: I've become a well-established player within the WarScape community and am well-known amongst most players. I am consistently active and have essentially completed the game (comp cape) and thus have developed a large knowledge around all areas of the game. I already do everything to provide support and guidance to all players, new and old and do my best to contribute to the community through events. What are some useable skills you have?: In real life, I work in a school, so I have plenty of experience providing support and assistance to others, whilst being level-headed and adaptive to all situations. Staff Experience: None. What are the qualities you have?: I'm a cool, warm, welcoming person with a drive to be as supportive and helpful as I can, whilst also being fun, witty and full of banter. I love to see others having a good time and pushing people to achieve their goals. How long have you played WarScape?: unsure exactly but I have 20 days of game-time In a short paragraph, explain what you'll do with your position: I'll continue to do everything that I have been doing - helping players, new and old, hosting events when I can, make new players feel welcome and provide them guidance on their journey through WarScape, promoting a fun environment for other players. Answering all questions I can and redirecting other questions to suitable people. What do you hope to achieve if you are promoted?: I hope to become somebody that everybody feels comfortable approaching with any issues or questions they have. I hope to provide a gaming environment that all can enjoy, whilst managing issues and conflicts with professionalism and respect. Do you understand that if you break rules, or turn out to be a horrendous Helper that you will be demoted?: Yes.
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