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    I worked on the same base server for a few years, logged in here and in 2 minutes already saw 2 easy fixes. I noticed there was a bunch of junk loot coming up in the loot announcements, and also if someone got multiple items in 1 drop, it would say "received 29x" instead of 29x *item name* To fix both of the issues go to srs\ethos\model\npcs\drops\TableGroup.java find: if (chance <= 1.5) { replace method with you can add more items (or items containing a name, like the group of "grimy" for all grimy herbs) to the list of items in the code, and every item added will be removed from the drop announcement. And the global message is fixed to add the name of the item if multiple are dropped. If you are unaware it announces drops based off of the 4 loot tables, and if you have junk items in the rare/very rare drop tables it will announce them whens someone receives it as a drop. If you want some more fixes on known bugs/issues let me know as I have worked out almost every single one of them on my own server. Thank you I'll take my developer rank now
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