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    Taming Taming is a skill that allows players to tame various creatures all across Gielinor, players must visit the taming expert, who will assist you in catching your first creature. Taming experience is based upon successfully or failing to catch a creature, experience is rewarded each time a lasso is used. This guide focuses on the most efficient ways to train Taming. Generally when taming for the best experience rates, players will use the lowest tier lasso, the lowest priced lasso has a lower chance to catch any given creature. However; the experience given from using: Lasso, Celestial Lasso, Flaming Lasso, Blood Lasso, and Master lasso, Every lasso gives the same amount of experience on use. When training, every taming creatures experience gets better than the last. E.G. Once you're level 5 taming the spider will provide more experience than the dog or the wolf. Taming also provides a lot of potential experience for passive combat skills. You must be engaged in combat when training Taming. lowering the hitpoints of any creature makes it more likely to tame any taming creature. General information You can begin to train taming by speaking to the taming expert south-east of the bank on the other side of the stream. Speak to the taming expert, read through the dialog and click Lets do it! Continue to read the dialog until the end, and the taming master will tell you to tame a wolf. How to tame 1. Attack the creature 2. Once attacking the creature you will have the ability to Tame. (NOTE: Lowering the hitpoints of creatures will increase your chances of taming the creature.) 3. Once the creatures hitpoints are as low as you can get without killing the creature is the best time to successfully tame the creature. (NOTE: for every 1/3 of hp lost, the creature gets 25% easier to tame.) TIP: Right clicking to tame can become tedious and cumbersome. -Left click the wrench icon. -Left click the joystick icon. -Under NPC 'Attack' options drop the menu and set it to Always right-click Now when you left click the tame option will be on top Training taming efficiently Recommended skills 50+ Attack 50+ Strength 50+ Defence 43+ prayer --------------------------------------------------------------------- Equipment --------------------------------------------------------------------- Players should use the best equipment they can afford, to prevent damage as much as possible. High defence can help prevent trips to the bank, the use of a slave, or using the ::bank command to resupply on food. Prayer can also be a very effective defence technique, however, some creatures can hit through prayer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lassos ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The Lasso is an item used to tame creatures in game, and also used to train the taming skill as the key component. Lasso's can be bought from the taming expert south-east of the bank at home, or can be visited by using the WarScape teleports in your spell book, you can also travel to the taming expert via the WarScape teleporter in the middle of home. Lasso the first lasso, with a low chance of successfully taming a creature, but it is the most ideal to use while training with the price of 100k per lasso, it's the most economical choice for training, but not ideal for catching creatures you desire to tame. Celestial lasso The Celestial lasso, is a low level lasso for lower level taming creatures. With the price of 300k per lasso, this lasso is best to begin your collection of taming creatures. Flaming lasso The Flaming lasso, is a mid-high level lasso for taming creatures you desire to tame and train. With the price of 1m per lasso, you would be best to only use this lasso if it's more cost effective than failing using lower level lasso. Blood lasso The Blood lasso, is a high level lasso for taming high level creatures. Taming end game level creatures will prove more difficult and more expensive using lower level lasso. (blood lassos can be obtained through the point rewards shop, and is dropped by the blood dragon as a rare drop.) Master lasso The Master lasso, will never fail to tame any creature in game the master lasso can be obtained through a rare drop from high level tameable dragons and also the taming task shop. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Training whips ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The training whip is an item used to train the creature you have tamed, there are 4 different tiers of training whips all can be seen below with a short description of the differences between the tiers. Training whips can be bought from the taming expert. The benefits of training your tamed creatures greatly increases the strength and attack of your tamed creature. per every 10 levels it hits 10% more accurate and 10% harder, up to level 100, per different species. These levels can be viewed by interacting with your tamed creature. (NOTE) Training whips are only effective on taming creatures, and is not effective on any attackable NPC. Training whip The training whip, is the lowest tier training whip. With the attack bonus of Slash: 82 and a strength bonus of 82 this is the same attack bonus as the abyssal whip. the training whip is 5m. Training whip (T2) The training whip (T2) is a low-mid training whip. With the attack bonus of slash 92 and a strength bonus of 92. The Training whip (T2) is 50m. Training whip (T3) The training whip (T3) is a mid-high training whip. with the attack bonus of slash 102. and a strength bonus of 102 The training whip (T3) is 125m. Master training whip The master training whip will be given if you are wielding and training There is a 1 in 50,000 chance your training whip (T3) will transform into a master training whip. The master training whip has a attack bonus of 122. and a strength bonus of 122. This item is tradable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Taming bandages ------------------------------------------------------------------------ When your tamed creature is harmed and needs health, taming bandages can be used to heal your creature, taming bandages can be bought from the taming expert, in three separate tiers. Taming bandages, T2, and T3. Taming bandages taming bandages are the lowest tier of bandages for your creature healing 25% health, and cost 5k each. Taming bandages (T2) Taming bandages (T2) are mid tier bandages for your creature healing 50% health, and cost 7.5k each. Taming bandages (T3) Taming bandages (T3) are the highest tier bandages for your creature healing 100% health, and cost 10k each. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Orbs of enhancement ------------------------------------------------------------------------ There are currently 3 orbs types in game: Orb of Enhancement (Nature) Orb of Enhancement (Gold) Orb of Enhancement (Infernal) Once you have either of these you can take them to your taming habitat and use them on your tame NOTE: This bonus applies to all of your tames and not just your current These Orbs upgrade your tame in two ways. 1. Orb of enhancement (Gold) increases your tames drop rate bonus by 1% per each orb 2. Orb of enhancement (Nature) increases your tames damage on hit. . These orbs can currently be obtained from the donator shop (10 tokens) and the Taming task shop (700pts) NOTE: The infernal orb currently has no use, I will update this thread as soon as we get any info/updates. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Taming tasks ------------------------------------------------------------------------ A recent addition to taming is the Taming task master 'Master Drakos', he offers tasks to tame creatures in return for points to spend in his shop. You can find Master Drakos by using the taming teleport and then running south. see below For each task you complete, you will get points in return based upon the amount of beasts you have to tame and the difficulty of the task, the rewards are as follows Easy tasks: - 3pts multiplied by the amount of creatures you have to tame. Medium tasks: - 6pts multiplied by the amount of creatures you have to tame. Hard tasks: - 12 points multiplied by the amount of creatures you have to tame. Note: once you have tamed the creatures you will have to hand them over to Master Drakos to receive your points, (you will lose the tames) Master Drakos offers players an assortment of items ranging from lassos to the coveted taming capes. Stats of shop items to come. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Where to find each creature ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dog - taming teleport wolf - taming teleport inside pen Spider - taming teleport south near Master Drakos Snake - north of taming teleport Eagle - eagles peak teleport run north along the path Unicorn - Kharazi jungle > run all the way east Black spider - boss teleport > Venenatis (wilderness) Black bear - taming teleport > run north Tortoise > tortoise isle Grizzly bear - Kharazi jungle > run east Yak - yak teleport White wolf - settlement ruins Black wolf - Kharazi teleport - run west Flame bear - Kharazi teleport > run south east Anaconda - mortyania swamp > run south west phoenix > phoenix lair teleport (note: wild.) Elder tortoise > tortoise isle > north west Elder anaconda > Mortanyia swamp, south west Enraged wolf > kharazi jungle > run all the way west Noxious dragon > Mortanyia swamp run south west Ice phoenix > ice phoenix teleport wilderness 50+ wyverns > wyvern point teleport Blood dragon > dragon tooth island Ancient dragon > Ancient plateau Blood hydra > karuulm dungeon > run north Inferno dragon > infernal crater Master dragon > masters landing ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Did you know? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The wyvern can evolve at level 50 and level 100 into two new cool pets. Elder Wyvern Omega Wyvern
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    Greetings WarScapians, Here's a list of today's updates: 2 New High-Tier Bosses Added: General Zilyana (level-747): Drops the Saradomin blade variants (fastest melee weapons in-game) Master Wizard (level-438): Drops Ganodermic armour (master), Polypore staff (master) and the Obliteration staff (can be turned into blood or infernal version with skin/enhancement kit) Clue Scroll Reward Additions: All partyhat variants (including colored lava and infernal) have been added to Elite and Master clue scrolls as RARE rewards, with infernal partyhat variants being the rarest Golden Armour Set and Wealth Icon added to Master clue scrolls as a RARE reward: Ancient Armour Set added to Nightmare Chest Rewards: Flaming Armour Set added to Flaming Knights Drop Table: (Chasm of Fire teleport) Flaming Knights have also been buffed nicely to match their new end-game armour piece drops Wilderness ring (teleport out of wilderness at any level) added to Vet'ion Boss Drop Table: Boss Point Shop Nerf Per Request: Removed Infernal & Blood rapiers and defenders. You must now earn the regular variants of these items and use an infernal weapon enhancement kit or blood skin to upgrade them. Also removed Tokhaar-Kal from the Boss Point Shop as it is obtainable now through the Fight Caves II minigame. You can also use an infernal armour enhancement kit on your Tokhaar-Kal to create the infernal variant We hope these updates give you incentive to go bossing or complete minigames for higher-tier equipment! Also would like to mention some end-game sets that are only obtainable in-game through game-play. You CANNOT buy these sets in the donator equipment store: Ancient Armour Set (i) Grotesque Armour Set (i) Justiciar Armour Set (i) In The Works: Theatre of Blood rework for next month's server event Magic damage buffs and staff perk additions More to come! - Mod Cosmos
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